Curse or Evil Eye?

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Curse or Evil Eye?

Post by Tyrande »

Merry meet,
My life has been going through some very negative changes and patterns, all out of my own control. I've been kicked out of my home, have lost my job (because of the home situation), struggling deeply with mental illness (I am seeking treatment-once someone contacts me back- still waiting), have been completely estranged from my father, and have been unable to rise back up. I've contacted several jobs to no avail and my living situation is stressful at best.
I keep trying, trying, trying, but it is just plummeting in a downward spiral. Edit: This all started around Beltane.
I am grasping onto my beliefs with my whole heart. Meditating, cleansing, crystal healing, prayer practices, and rituals. I set my intentions true- but it seems something is intent on knocking me down.
Could I be cursed or a victim of the evil eye? I do not know who would have cursed me, so I'm leaning toward the evil eye. I am planning on obtaining a Hamsa for protection.
I am reaching out to you all for your guidance in what could be happening. This feels like more than bad luck. Are there any rituals/cleansing practices you would recommend for this horribly unlucky situation?
I do apologize if what I am posting here is nonsense- but please enlighten me as to why.
Blessed be,
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Re: Curse or Evil Eye?

Post by Siona »

Ever heard the saying when it rains, it pours? Sometimes life just hits, and hits hard. I'm not saying there's no possibility that there is something deeper going on, but many people go through incredibly rough periods like this several times in life. When one bad thing happens, often that can lead to a spiral of events, no outside force necessary. It's often easier to look for some outside force to blame, when there might not be one...

That said, there are some traditional ways to tell if you've got the evil eye on you. One way is to take a small bowl of water, and a bowl with a little olive oil in it (or another vegetable oil would likely work). Bless both however you're comfortable with. Put your finger into the oil, and then quickly move it over the water, maybe about two inches above the water. Let three drops fall into the water, one onto the other. One large oil drop in the water is a good sign. If the oil scatters from itself (the second drop pushes the first, the third the second, to three different ends of the bowl), or mixes with the water and becomes very murky, that's a sign the evil eye is present. You'll want to do some sort of uncrossing working at that point. (I usually recommend a bath or shower, if you can get the herbs for it - traditionally hyssop and rue, but there are other options. Frankly, even if it's not the evil eye or a curse, it's a good way to purify and remove any crossed conditions from you, which might open the way to solving some of your issues.)

Another method is to rub an egg counter clockwise all around your body (touching it), from head down to toe, right before bed. Sleep with the egg under your bed. In the morning, break it open. If it looks like a normal egg? Nothing was wrong. Egg looks very rotten? Very discolored? Very murky? Evil eye was present, but has been removed. The egg neutralized it, so it's not "cursed" in itself, you can just toss it into the trash.

An actual curse is a bit more tricky. Since you don't know anyone who could do that, I'd say it's probably not that. But, if more time goes by and you really believe you are cursed, I usually recommend you get someone to do divination for you to see if you are cursed if you really think that to be the case. (But not from someone who sells curse removal services, because often they want to sell that product...) If you can be very removed from your situation you might divine for yourself, but it's often better to get another opinion there.
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Re: Curse or Evil Eye?

Post by Lord_of_Nightmares »

The evil eye can cause curses. There's many rituals to get rid of both. I say do both.
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Re: Curse or Evil Eye?

Post by MsMollimizz »

I can understand where you are coming from...
I have been there, way before computers allowed us to reach out.
It may be hard to do this at first, but I have faith in you !
Life is throwing a bunch of lessons your way, find them and acknowledge
them, start affirmations pertaining to said lessons. Focus on positive only !
Do the best you can, then you cannot fault yourself for not trying.
Hold steady to your belief, the Goddess will provide...
Gentle Light
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Re: Curse or Evil Eye?

Post by barker »

it doesn't go wrong unless you make it go wrong... take courage

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