Looking for spells for my BoS. C: <3

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Looking for spells for my BoS. C: <3

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Hey! C:

Sooo nothing specific, beauty spells are always fun, spells specific to night time are always good, spells that are aimed at specific elements are good too. Just want to have stuff to fill up my BoS. Thanks

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You should try each spell first, if it doesn't work for you then what's the point?

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You should look around on the everythingunderthemoon.net main site. There are a bunch of spells that are broken down by category. See which ones appeal to you and copy down the ones you like. There are also many great spells in some of the forum threads, so clicking around might be worth your while.

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Re: Looking for spells for my BoS. C: <3

Post by SpiritTalker »

. Incantations tell power what to do - so don’t say what you don’t want, say only what you want results to be; rhyme aids concentration & repetition adds strength
. Moon - waxing🌓 for increase/attract; full🌕 for most power, waning🌗 for decrease/banish
. Liminal Hours - dawn, noon, dusk, midnight are “between” day & night, yesterday, today & tomorrow so magnify energy.
. Setting intention - load - breath holds power; draw power on the breath to the belly; aim - think of the goal; shoot - push from the belly & out your hands 🙌🏽
. Make sacred work-space: 🧹sweep 🔄 widdershins; light incense; load-point-&-push👉🏼 to cast circle deosil ↩️

Spell methods
. 🍾Bottle/jar for protection - add rusty nails, bent pins, salt, tangled thread, tin foil confetti, vinegar; 🙌🏽 to deflect harm; bury at door; OR as a wish spell - add goal-related herbs, stones, charms, petition, sigil, 🙌🏽 charge & place on altar.
. 🕯Candle - dress a candle with oil to hold the psychic charge & 🙌🏽 set intent while repeating your incantation; let it burn completely out; discard stubs 🚮
. 🪢 Cord/9-knot - tie 1 knot in twine per each line of the rhyme -”By knot 1 the spell’s begun, by knot 2 it comes true, by knot 3 so it shall be, by knot 4 power is stored, by knot 5 the spell’s alive, by knot 6 the spell is fixed, by knot 7 it is given, by knot 8 it is fate, by knot 9 X is mine.” At a liminal hour undo the knots to free their power. Note - a binding spell is burned/buried with the knots intact.
. ✳️ Mandala coloring books - focus on the goal while coloring; 🙌🏽 charge.
. 📝 Petition - briefly write a goal on a small square of paper📝. Turn the paper 1/4 turn & overwrite the goal with the recipient’s name or initials & birthdate, turn the paper again 1/4 turn & overwrite all with your signature. What is over dominates what is under. Add petitions to any other spell.
. 🍶Potion - simmer herbs with goal-related properties; cool-strain- bottle; 🙌🏽 charge with intent; use liquid for anointing in place of oil, as aerosol & as hand wash.
. 💌 Pouch/Sachet - add herbs, charms and stones to a pouch & charge 🙌🏽; put in a pocket or under bed pillow.
. 🈂️ Sigil - briefly write the goal, cross out vowels & duplicte letters; rearrange & embellish the remaining letters to make an artsy hieroglyph; draw a circle around it and ✂️ cut it out. Anoint and charge 🙌🏽 with intent. Add sigils to other spells. If a sigil is the whole spell then burn or shred the paper at a liminal hour to release the power.
. ❇️ Stone “grid” layouts - lay stones in concentric designs to radiate the goal outward; 🙌🏽 charge with intent. Remove when the energy dissipates.
. 🪨 Stone stroking - use to induce light trance. Sit & sway side-to-side while stroking a smooth stone & chant your incantation. Use your dominant hand to stroke with. Use any smooth stone that is comfy to hold & rub. Cleanse a stone between uses.

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