Do I tell?

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Do I tell?

Post by Kenzie..Kat »

I don't want to keep secrets from my friends, but if I tell certin people then the news will go around fast.
I have already told the few people that I can trust my life with but, do I tell other people or, keep it a secret?
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Post by Fie »

You need to decide if being yourself openly and feeling comfortable in your own skin, is worth loosing something over. =)
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Post by Peregrine »

It depends on the nature of this secret. Sometimes, like the saying goes, what they don't know won't hurt them. If the secret involves a friend that is about to get hurt in some way, perhaps giving them the heads up might be in order.

Some people thrive on getting into everyone else's business and to be the first to spread the juicy gossip, whatever it is. As far as I'm concerned, that is the way of losers. I used to see self-proclaimed adults in the office coming to me all the time, jibbering on about so-and-so, spilling it all in my lap as though it mattered to me either way. (I am a cold fish like that.) So I can assure you that oftentimes the ones they gab to also could care less.

Drama enters their lives soon enough, then they get upset at how everyone is talking about them. I would think they would learn from it but they go right back to the S.O.S. It takes a while before they get it.

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Post by Greek_Male_Witch »

I think the poster reffers to the witchcraft secret, look about that, you don't need to tell anyone, its not like a tradition to say to everybody "Hey I'm a Witch and I worship nature", its personal option, and a personal option is yours to make, not your friends or family to take it for you!

Now if you talk about secrets in general, then no if the secret does not reffer to one of your friends, then you don't need to tell them anything, a secret is safer, when only ones knows it!
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Post by Ravencry »

Honestly, if you think that some people can't handle the truth, then don't tell them. But from my experiences, my friends where fascinated by the fact that I practiced witchcraft, but that was only because I told them gently about the religion. The conversation went like this:

Me: 'Have you ever heard of wicca?'
her: 'You mean like Witchcraft?'
Me: 'Yeah, like witchcraft.'
her: 'Yeah, what about it?'
me: 'have you ever read about it?'
her: 'I heard a little bit about it, not much. Have you read about it?'
me: 'Yeah, I think it sounds interesting.'
her: 'Whats interesting about it? Isn't it evil?'
me: 'From what I read about it, they practice the same religion as the indians. They worship the earth and plants and stuff like that.'
her: 'Like hippies? But what about casting spells?'
me: 'I read that they only cast spells to help people, like healing spells and love spells.'
her: 'love spells? Really? Like i can get a boyfriend?'
me: 'well, yeah, but they have a law that you can't harm anyone, cause it will come back to you worse.'
her: 'Oh, I didn't know that. So wicca isnt evil?'
me: 'from the few books i read, no it isnt evil. I think I might even start practcing it. Would you still be my friend if I choose the practice witchcraft?'
her: 'as long as its not evil and your doing it to help people, I guess I wouldn't mind.'

And that was the end of our convo. We were still friends, and she even asked for a spell to help her mom through her chemo, which worked. When she told people, she would tell them like I told her about the religion, that it wasnt evil, but kinda like hippies. No one ever treated me like crap. I was able to wear my pentacle and talk about spells, I was completely free from the broom closet.

Try to have a talk with your best friend. Keep her interested, while slowly telling her that its not evil, that its earth based, and that you might be interested in practicing it.

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Post by )O( Krystal Raven )O( »

As Ravenscry indicates, only tell if you're ready to educate!!!!!!!! And don't be afraid of rejection because it DEFINITELY happens!!!
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