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the other day i went to my friends house...
and i just felt horrible vibes from it..
i asked him because i began to see strange stuff..plants with blood it looked like on them? strange figurines..than he took me into his garage and it was black with around 40 or more figurines of the grim reaper and candles..and other things representing death it made my stomach churn. i asked him what was up with all this stuff and he said his mother practices sangria? sanria? i don't know how to spell it or what it was called but something similar to that but he said she does sacrifices and chants..and she was trying to get him into it but in order to get into it he had to shave his head and he wasn't willing to do that it seemed like a cult to him...but ever since i went into that house weird things keep happening later in the night we were at a school and i kept seeing shadows and just had a weird vibe ever since like there's a presence or something from that house...and his mom does not like i am kind of scared and i was wondering if anyone else knew about these practices and could tell me if they are bad or good...or what is going on here and if i should try to protect myself or stay away from that house..
anything will help really thanks!

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Post by Ravencry »

santeria isnt evil magick. Santeria is the worship of the christian saints, also of the old latin american gods. They conbine the gods with the saint that they most represent. Santa Muerte is worshipped also. That is the grim reaper that you see. People aften offer things to her because if your really desperate for something, it is said that Santa Muerte will give you it, but with a price of an offering. If you do not hold out on your side of the bargain, death will come to you. I hope this helped you a little bit.

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Post by WitchyLady506 »

In some ways, Santeria is kinda like the Latin version of Hoodoo. It's very similar in it's makeup of Christian and older god intertwining and also it's roots in folk magick. It's by no means evil. I have a feeling that since the mother doesn't like you, what you experienced is a "booby trap" of sorts, as it makes people very uneasy and want to leave the house immediately. It's actually a very interesting practice. Here's a website with more info:

Also the shaved head thing is so the can receive the Orisha, the manifestation of God.
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Post by NightRose »

Keep in mind though, in every religion there are people who will make you feel uncomfortable. If you are truly not comfortable being in the house, ask your friend to meet you elsewhere.

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