Charging an item

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Charging an item

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So I'm planning to go outside tonight for a new begining ritual and I'm sitting here thinking why not take advantage of the full moon and the meteor shower to charge a couple of new items. Only, I've never charged an item before. Anyone know a good charging spell?

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Re: Charging an item

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Personally I'd wait until the New Crescent Moon for the new beginnings ritual ~ the day of New Crescent Moons is usually the best correspondence for new beginnings.

Also, think about what Symandinome says in this >> thread <<
before charging any items tonight.

Brightest blessings.
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Re: Charging an item

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The term “charging” has a couple of applications:
. We can place a bowl of water so as to capture the moon’s reflection on a full moon night to charge/infuse the water with lunar energy; or do the same with sun light to infuse solar energies into the water. Both of these would be considered “light-charged”. We’d then use those waters in potions, gem elixirs & washes. Adding a quartz crystal to the water during the process amplifies available light if it’s cloudy and you can’t see the moon. Adding other stones even along side the bowl of water rather than in the water itself charges/infuses water with other properties. We could do likewise to infuse oils, or even a cuppa tea & drink the Moon’s image.
. We can pull power on the breath to the solar plexus, push from the belly & out the hands 🙌🏽 to charge/infuse a spell with our intention, or bless and consecrate.

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