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I am a Leo but I am spiritually a water faery and nymph. I am very cool in personality and very watery and very emotional and sensitive. I love that I am a Leo but I find the element for Leo is fire and my element should be water. I wonder if spiritually I could be a different sign, like a Cancer or that Leo's can have a water element with them and that the sign of a Leo could be considered more watery for some people.
My husband Caleb is a Taurus. I have always been attracted to Taurus's and their kind, earthy personality. My husband is very compassionate and earthy but also emotional and gentle. He spiritually is a water faery and an angel. I love him very much.

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Re: Leo

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Do you know if you were born on time or if you were early or late? It maybe that you were due on a different sign.

Though if you've ever seen Lions in the wild or even in a Zoo you'll notice that they love Water! You can be drawn to water whilst being a fire sign. You probably prefer warm water for bathing, well that's Fire and Water :wink:
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Re: Leo

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Could be your moon sign or rising sign giving you some watery influence.
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Re: Leo

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From four to thirteen degrees of Leo we have actual main star positions of Cancer.
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