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Paganism, witchcraft, and Wicca as portrayed on TV, movies, and popular culture. Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, Practical Magic, etc. If you know of a good show or movie, you can recommend it here or discuss it with others.
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Post by moonlit »

I LOVE CHARMED!!!!!! Piper was my favorite. I hated prue. lol How many seasons did they realease? I havent had cable in a while so I feel likeive been living under a rock!!! I'm going through withdraws!

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Post by reikihealer83 »

Hi Moonlit!

All 8 seasons are out on DVD now. I was a Piper fan myself. I think Holly Marie Combs is beautiful anyway but I always liked Piper. They gave her the best one liners. I liked Prue at the start but toward the end it was just forced.

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Post by Beothany »

My cousin has every single season on DVD. I like the show and all but they make it seem like there is only one B.O.S. Plus not many families write in the same book. a lot of people pass them down to children but everyone should have their own
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Post by Peregrine »

I used to watch the reruns on TNT back in the golden days when I had cable. Have not had cable since 2006 so just as I felt as though I was catching up, of course I got lost again. It's a cute show, as far as I can remember. I had a soft spot in my heart for Paige. Remember liking Leo too, thought he was a nice guy and a cutie.
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Post by connor)O( »

right so has nobody noticed that piper referenced that she should "keep her wiccan nose out of it"? and yet she has never worn a pentagram but on several episodes as in the one before she had chris she was wearing a cross? that really annoyed me honestly and the fact that the only sabbat they went to was the one were abraxas stole the book? also they call themselves wiccan as i referenced by just reading from their book when their was NO self dedication reference included? their is also NO mention of a female goddess whatso-ever >< dont get me wrong its a good show but theres holes to fly an elephant through :@
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Re: Charmed (TV Show)

Post by Hologram8 »

okay ~ I've downloaded the entire series and just started watching it ~ so far I love it ~ I'll let you know how I feel about it when I'm finished watching all of it

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