Black Eyed Children

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Black Eyed Children

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The Black Eyed Children also called “black-eyed kids” are mysterious beings that look to be of kids between the ages of 6-16-year-old. They only appear at night and to unsuspecting adults alone in parking lots or in their homes. The kids come in groups of two or more and often ask for favors. The favor could be to make a phone call, to get a ride home, to come in a get something to eat or to use the bathroom. The few people who have had interactions with the black-eyed kids express feeling unexplainable fear when the children are near. No one really knows where they come from. Extraterrestrial, UFO’s, vampires, and of course, demons are a number of the assumptions around the kids.
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Re: Black Eyed Children

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Hmmm, interesting. Never heard about such children but I am pretty sure that I will not feel comfortable next to them

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