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Moving Dream

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First some back story. Five years ago, I left home and moved to a new town. I lived three years in a trailer in the land lords back yard before moving too my present residence, a house shared with four roommates, two years ago. In five days, I will finally be moving into my own apartment, with swimming pools and other cool amenities. Much of my furniture which is still in my moms house will be moved in with me. I am very excited about this move.

So several times in the last few weeks, I have had a dream that I was still living at home and was about to move directly into the apartment I am now moving to. Although in real life I am excited about the upcoming move, in the dreams I am feeling uncertainty, like the feeling I had when I first left home. Thoughts?

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Re: Moving Dream

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Possibly your subcon connects the idea of an apartment complex with unknown come and go neighbors to the adjustments of 1st time on your own.

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