Interesting enough

Dreams, dream interpretation, sleep paralysis, night terrors, hearing voices, vibrations, etc.
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Interesting enough

Post by Littleone3 »

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since I posted on here. Been going through a lot. .

I’d like to discuss something interesting that happened to me. Or come to play so to speak.

I’ve always had dreams and inclinations about things. I just started my awakening process and learning my true gift and craft. Now, two years ago I started to write down my dreams. The one dream I had at the time made no sense. I was walking into a cold empty porch. It was enclosed. I remember looking down and seeing snow and saying “I’ve been here before”. Some more imagery came through. Lots of greens, walking through the rest of the house as it turned warm and comfortable. I woke up being able to write down the exact lay out of a house.

Flash forward two years later. I’m helping my fiancé’s parents move into their new home. It was his dads parents house, recently had passed on. Not even exaggerating I saw the house and my heart sank a bit. Not bad but just shocked. I had never been there before. And It was the same house as in my dream! I knew the layout before walking in.

This stuff has happened before but I never had “evidence” as written down in my dream journal.

If anyone has experienced things like this or know how to maybe strengthen it please let me know! Any insight is appreciated. I’m still new and getting comfortable so please be gentle!


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Re: Interesting enough

Post by firebirdflys »

This is excellent keeping a journal!
Keep recording and marking down how many times things you saw in your dreams that became reality. Even if just a small portion of the dream was the thing that became "known". Then you will recognize the cues within the dream that are leading to something that is precognitive. The fact that you "knew you had been there before" is a big clue. Interesting that is wasn't until 2 years later when you actually saw the place. Were you already engaged when this dream occurred??

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Re: Interesting enough

Post by SnowCat »

Would the dreams be considered a form of remote viewing?
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Re: Interesting enough

Post by SpiritTalker »

Precog dreams is also what had prompted me to journal over many years. I’ve had repeating dreams from preteen years & recorded them as well. A man I 1st “saw” when I was 9 and recorded when I was 19 was encountered when I was 36. The dream warned me of his manipulative conniving and that’s what he did & I was able to protect myself. So remote viewing is a definite possibility imo

Strengthening exercises of opening chakras from lowest to highest and closing chakras from top to bottom when meditating helped me. Sequential opening & closing puts things in order so that the mind can deal with in-flow. This also helps when there’s an overwhelming amount of precognition hitting one after another & being verified within a few days. Serious grounding throughout the day also tones down the whammy.

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Re: Interesting enough

Post by evil ed »

Greetings Littleone!

Take a deep breath, don't freak out, and enjoy the ride! :flyingwitch:

You will know when the "feeling" hits, then you will learn when it's a "big" hit!

Enjoy it, don't try to force it. Meditate with a stone you are drawn to, or stare into the flame of a small candle until the candle burns out. Let your mind wander, but the important thing is to be at peace when you do this!

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