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Very odd dream

Posted: Mon Jan 20, 2020 4:56 am
by Ashrend
Usually I don't remember my dreams but this one was so wired that it's not fading like the others. I'm not someone that thinks every single little thing that's out of the ordinary has a meaning but I feel like this is different. The dream itself started out in a house I lived in many years ago where I grew up. My partner was in my bedroom with some friends and she starts messing around with another girl with the guys watching. Nothing serious just like foreplay and such and in the dream I was ok with it. I went down stairs to get some cleaning stuff from the kitchen and found 2 massive spiders hanging from the ceiling about the size and your hand. They dropped down and star crawling around but looked really weird. One was a typical tarantula the other was more like a massive black widow but entirely black, with bulges along its legs but otherwise very skinny. I got closer to the floor and realized they looked weird because they had half shed their skin. At this point I realized something very lightly touched my face, I looked down and there was a scorpion. I jump back and see there are two and they start attacking the spiders and killing them. I just went back to the bedroom and then found out my partner had services herself with everyone watching and I get betrayed.

I can't think of a way to rationalize this to have meaning because I don't think my partner would ever cheat on me, I don't know why it was based at the home I grew up in with my mum other than having some difficuties with my mum ATM. I don't have any idea why I dreamt about weird massive spiders getting killed by scorpion's. Just a bit confused if anyone has some insight

Re: Very odd dream

Posted: Mon Jan 20, 2020 10:23 am
by SpiritTalker
Just a brief thought - your former house represents you, so everything happening within the house-of- you speaks of what’s going on within you. Dreams magnify things out of proportion to get our attention. You may have some doubts and the dream saying deal with the emotion rather than deny it. I see it as emotions around (for lack of a better word) jealousy. The 2 different breed spiders rep you & your partner. They appear in the dream after you see your partner behaving badly. You tell yourself it’s harmless & go to your safe place, the former childhood’s kitchen. The spiders say doubts occur and you control the emotions I.e., scorpions - bigger &stronger denial - dispatch them, but when you return to your partner the problem is in your face. It may or may not suggest you feel your partner could stray but that you’d be darned jealous if she did.

Re: Very odd dream

Posted: Mon Jan 20, 2020 4:03 pm
by blue_moon
I had this flash of an Idea with spiders and scorpions (poison, paralysis, fear, pain. Then "the poisonous" scorpions kill the spiders (that are all poisonouse as well, not all for humans).

I looked up spiders - and I see those keywords popping up... abuse, beeing stuck (and dependent) in a situation or relationship thats poisonouse.
Feeling stuck like in a spiderweb.
The website even mentions seeing spiders in your Childhood home - meaning familylife - this can be all about a sticky relationship and beeing dependent. Not having enough space for oneself (beeing eaten up by the spider).

A scorpion means destructive emotions (or false friends/negative people / someone decieving you).

The spider and the scorpion basically mean the same thing. There is something harming you, earing you up from the inside.

As spiritwalker suggested its about denial.

There is this problem, you can sense it. It's rught in front of you! Hanging from the ceiling! In the middle of your "family life" right in your face. You can step back from it.
Maybe a bigger monster can just get rid of this problem. But you are still in the room with two venomous creatures.

It doesnt have to be your partner! That can just as well be for the attention! I had that kind of "actors" before myself. But there is something going on that needs your attention to protect your personal(family) life

Re: Very odd dream

Posted: Mon Jan 20, 2020 5:40 pm
by Ashrend
Thank you both that's really helpful and makes alot of sense.

Re: Very odd dream

Posted: Tue Jan 21, 2020 12:13 pm
by SapphireRoad
Tough stuff.
First of all videos on the net of scorpions fighting spiders to death are quite popular so simplifying question'd be if you saw such prior to dreaming. If yes you can just examine the emotion you had related to such video.

Ok now spider goes from patient weaver sitting in the void of the web to dark aspect feminine, mother, entrapments.
Mother's house can suggest things Sigmund Freud could have been proud of. Examine if you had manipulative mother and if there was some of such controlling emotion left in your patterns of conduct. It is said that men too attached to mother remain single which is a logical conclusion - you can't start a new relationship with a new pussy, until you cut the attachments to the pussy that you came from.

Now scorpion is quite deep and is about the search for intensity and possibly a lot of (raw) sexual stuff meaning examination of sex merely for pleasure and not reproduction which was the initial idea of its opposing sign concerning zodiac (a bit odd definition by Dane Rudhyar, I'm not sure about the whole concept).

You can check out for some vague ideas about symbolism meaning it's quite a good site
You've got to examine through the life how deeply the dream goes as I doubt it would be about simple things to be solved within few days' span.

Concerning human nature and the sexual subconscious mind the scenes you described, at least in the vague sense appear to me quite hot and arousing. Now if you go through the fidelity thing with your partner it is more real, true and faithful to browse through all that we find inside ourselves.

I think there is a phenomenon of cheating by being cheated similar to earning money. You earn money and then there is always some attempt to get the money from you.
You have partner with flourishing sexual life thus you are more attractive and there's an attempt by others (of opposite sex) to steal that sexual comfort by seducing you.

Therefore you do your own maths.
Sorry for speaking in such dry manner, I like to stay more scientific when it comes to such things amongst strangers... or even friends perhaps.

Re: Very odd dream

Posted: Thu Jan 30, 2020 7:23 am
by NeverMoonAWerewolf
Spiders often represent people who are insightful but also weave webs of deceit. Not necessarily malicious. It can be self preservation, or not wanting to hurt others or just because appearances must be kept.

Scorpions are in my experience rather what happens when the truth catches up, and it could be that this is what is happening in your dream. Maybe your partner had a probably abusive relationship/event in the past you don't know about? Or you did and pushed it away? If so it could mean it catches up with you now.