Dream interpretation help: dogs and strange devices

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Dream interpretation help: dogs and strange devices

Post by Onlybeentenminutes »

I had a very strange dream last night and a lot of aspects to this dream seem important/symbolic and I'd like some help interpreting it!

So - it started with me and my parents moving to a much, much larger. Almost mansion sized white home. At one point my mother told me to go out into the yard, I think to check on our dogs and there were so many furbies just lying around on the ground. I gathered as many as I could and took them all inside with the dogs.

I got on a train - the station was just in front of the house, and headed to town to meet some friends. We went shopping in this old antique shop and i found this strange device that i really really fixated on.

The outside design of this device made it look like it was made out of blue motherboard with a star/Galaxy design painted on it. I realized it was some kind of puzzle lock box - where it was an incredibly difficult, nearly impossible puzzle to solve at one point but someone had already solved it as the little box to hold things would pop open easily.
Inside the box was more machinery, a little switch, and a couple of notes i didn't read. I flipped the thing around to look at the price - I remember it being $255 USD. But I only had $300 in my bank account so I struggled with whether i should get it.

Finally the owner came up to me and laughed, put a hand on my shoulder and said i can most definitely have it for $5. I was shocked but later went home with the device.

When I got home, there was this square in my living room marked out in a red line. And there were these dogs in the center and I think my mother at the time might have been the one trying to fight them off, but when I showed up i took over fighting the dogs. They weren't like - actual dogs. They were what you expected a dog possessed by something in a movie would act.

One was black and one was brown - the brown one looking an awful lot like one of my dogs that I own.

While fighting the - uh demon dogs? Yeah let's call it that. While fighting the demon dogs, one of my actual dogs (he's black and brown) came into the ring by mistake and the demon dogs took that moment to lash out and hurt me by attacking my dog.

The ring I guess would also heal certain people - and it was healing my dog if the demon dogs would leave him alone. So I took the demon dogs by the throats. Kind of like you do a chicken or a geese or something and started swinging them around by their necks, bashing them onto furniture, hoping it would do something.

They started getting restless at one point so I had to pin them down and wait for my dog to heal and once he had healed I scooped him up and threw him into my room. Locking him in so he'd be safe

I woke up just after - the whole dream left me with a funny feeling.

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Re: Dream interpretation help: dogs and strange devices

Post by SapphireRoad »

New home for you, but it contains old habitants.

Blue motherboard with a star/Galaxy design is a hint that the Goddess will help you.
You've got to exorcise the evil dogs.
5$ might be a hint about number 5 to work with Goddess' affairs accordingly.

I've been having similar dreams with hostile entities while being lazy/naive to cleanse the place thoroughly.

I don't want to offend your culture, but images of furbies I'm looking up look quite sick, I don't think their inventor is a nice guy.

The ring or square a portal to another world.
The galaxy design, star portal.

Blessed be
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