Dream interpretation involving a coral snake?

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Dream interpretation involving a coral snake?

Post by Onlybeentenminutes »

I had a dream last night that left me a little troubled to say the least. I was hoping someone could help with finding the meaning of such a dream.
I was in this dream with my father and we were at a small shop when a coral snake came inside. My father grabbed the snake and went to get rid of it and I believe I had tried to help for whatever reason, but to sum it up, it ended in both he and I getting bitten bitten.
When we were bitten, my father very bluntly says to me, "Great, now I'm going to die."
He was bitten once in the hand, I was bitten twice on my right index finger.

From there it's us struggling to get back to a home and place to rest while trying not to succumb to the venom. Well we reach this home/hospital thing. It smelled musty in there. My vision was beginning to fade to black. My father seemed to be dying the fastest? Like he was accepting his fate while I was forcing my body to keep me alive regardless of the fact that I had venom in me.
I sent a text to my mother, telling her that I wasn't sure what was going to happen, but if I died I wanted her to know that I loved her.

I think I woke up before my dream self died, if she died.

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Re: Dream interpretation involving a coral snake?

Post by barker »

Dream meanings, I have heard, are objectively defined. ie a butterfly always means luck (at least), a snake can always mean spirituality. At worse a way that works. I don't know what a "coral" snake is but you can probably interpret it by yourself. Sounds like you are being initiated by a very spiritual force indeed, whether or not your dad knows he is as well.

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Re: Dream interpretation involving a coral snake?

Post by SpiritTalker »

My first thoughts were a symbolic initiation rite as well.

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Re: Dream interpretation involving a coral snake?

Post by Lord_of_Nightmares »

This may not be a 'literal' death. But a change of a shared path. One your father probably did not want to go down.
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Re: Dream interpretation involving a coral snake?

Post by Lugus »

Using the ideas of Carl Jung, much of what we see in this dream are archetypes from the collective unconscious. However, the “you” in this dream is not an archetype but rather represents the dreamer’s ego. (In Jungian analysis, the ego is the center of consciousness.)

You and your dad are in a shop. In our conscious world, we obtain things at a shop. They are added to us. The things that we obtain in our dreams are often indications of psychological and spiritual growth. You obtain the snake.

The coral snake is probably related to increased spirituality or even kundalini. Its colors are probably important. The coral snake is typically black, red and yellow. The color red is associated with the 1st chakra while black would be the color of the lower realm. (This hints at the ability to travel to this lower world, which is a good sign.) Yellow is the color of the 3rd chakra, which is associated with the development of the ego. Being bit by a poisonous snake usually has a positive meaning. (FYI – In India, the cobra is a well known symbol for kundalini.)

Both you and your father were bit by the snake. He was bitten in the hand while the dreamer was bitten twice on the right index finger. The right direction is associated with the masculine, consciousness, the sun etc. In palmistry, the index finger is also known as the Jupiter finger. “Jupiter stands for guidance and ambition. This is the finger that shows the direction our life is taking and our sense of purpose.” http://www.palm-reading.org/five-fingers.html Being bitten on the index finger may refer to the strengthening of the father archetype. But there are other sites with slightly different meanings. Thus, it looks like the index finger shows the dreamer that this is the direction of her life (or, at least, her direction in this dream). The dreamer was bitten twice, which increases this effect.

You and your dad reach this home (or perhaps a hospital). I have seen similar places in other spiritual dreams. In those dreams, the hospital can act as a rest area or a way station where the shaman rests and recuperates after shamanistic journeys.

You sent a text to your mother.
1. For a Jungian, your parents could symbolize the royal couple or sacred union, which is the joining of opposites.
2. Or it may be that your mother is a symbol of the great mother.

The death of the father archetype probably means that he is to be reborn as the male part of the royal couple (as mentioned above). The death of the dreamer means the death of her ego. The ego’s death is a common theme in shamanism.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Dream interpretation involving a coral snake?

Post by laakshi »

Your dream definitely means that there is something in your waking life that will not only affect you but also your father, or should I say something will happen in your father's waking life that will affect you.
A hand means strength, and getting a bite there means somebody is trying to destroy your father's strength and as soon as it happens you father will accept his defeat which he mustn't.
Source- https://www.snakesindreams.com/snake-dream/

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Re: Dream interpretation involving a coral snake?

Post by firebirdflys »

laakshi, please come on in and make an introduction of yourself in the intro forum, Thanks

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