Different Dimsension? Need insight please.

Dreams, dream interpretation, sleep paralysis, night terrors, hearing voices, vibrations, etc.
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Different Dimsension? Need insight please.

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Last night I dreamed about this strange country that didn't seem to have a culture like anywhere on Earth. (Although that's not completely true it did seem quite similar to a Southeast Asian country's.) It was sort of complicated too. I think I was at this festival celebrating the prince's birthday, apparently he had turned 9 (I got the feeling that his 9th birthday was particularly important.) Everything was very brightly lit and gorgeous. There were paper lanterns and lights all down the streets, and I got the feeling I had actually been there once before, or I had at least dreamed about it some other time. Now that I'm typing this I think I remember looking a younger age than I am when I'm awake. But I recall telling someone in my dream that I remember visiting this place when I was 8, this place felt SO familiar when I was asleep, but know that i'm awake it doesn't feel nearly as familiar. It's almost like my higher self(?) didn't want me to remember when I dreamed of it the first time.

I know that what you dream about is supposed to relate to your waking life, but this just didn't have anything even remotely similar to my life in it. Almost anytime I dream it doesn't have people like my family or friends in it, or seemingly real life events that could actually happen. It's always people (or creatures) I've never seen or met before. Or events, situations, and worlds out of some fantasy or sci-fi story. It almost felt like this was a past life in another dimension? (But dreams are usually related to your current life right?) Also this dream wasn't Lucid, and I really doubt I astral projected. It was a very beautiful world and I wish I could dream of it again. I'm having a little trouble remembering some details, so maybe if I discuss it I can tell you more about it? I'm sorry if a lot of this is too vague.

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Re: Different Dimsension? Need insight please.

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You may have been interacting with an alternate dimension. When you have a moment, please stop by our intro area. We'd like to get to know you.

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