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Posted: Thu Jan 23, 2014 1:34 am
by North Star
by Carolina Dean

Dreaming-True, also known as lucid dreaming, is a term which refers to an individual’s ability to maintain conscious awareness and control while dreaming (or programmed dreaming where a question or an intention is formulated before sleep, and left to the subconscious mind to respond with an answer or an action).

It is an important aspect of dream work for various purposes, which includes:

•Communicating with non-human entities
•Discovering practical solutions to one’s problems.
•Receiving information about the past, present, or future.
•Obtaining lucky numbers for gambling
•Receiving warnings in regard to pending death or the work of your enemies.

While most people are inclined to categorize dreams as either lucid or non-lucid this is not the case. Studies show that there is something of a degree between lucidity and non-lucidity.

•Most dreams are non-lucid which means that the question of whether or not the individual is dreaming never arises.
•Pre-lucid dreams refers to those dreams where the dreamer questions whether they are dreaming or not. If the dreamer decided that he or she is dreaming, pre-lucid dreams can lead to lucid dreams.
•Intellectually Lucid Dreams are dreams in which the dreamer knows that he or she is dreaming but they still have an emotional reaction to dream dangers.
•Experientially lucid dreams are those dreams in which the dreamer is aware that he or she is dreaming and they have complete control over the dream.

Another aspect of dream work takes place while you are awake and another individual is asleep and this type of dream work is often performed to influence the will of the other person.

Interpreting Your Dreams

There are three main schools of thought regarding dream interpretation. They are:

1. Literal Interpretation
2. Reversed Interpretation
3. Symbolic Interpretation

Literal Interpretation

The literal approach views dreams as they are with little to no interpretation whatsoever. For example, if you dream of being in a car accident then you will be in a car accident; if you dream of receiving a letter from an old friend, then you will receive a letter from an old friend.

Reversed Interpretation

In these cases dreams are interpreted as representing the opposite of the essence of the dream. For example, dream of a death and there will be a birth; dream of a wedding and there will be a divorce.

Symbolic Interpretation

This approach to dream interpretation holds that elements in a dream are symbolic of something else. Those who follow this approach often make use of dream books which assign meanings to various elements found in dreams. The meanings assigned to these elements often have no logical connection.

Dream Incubation

Dream Incubation is a term which refers to programming your mind before sleep to dream about a specific issue or topic. There are three basic steps to dream incubation, they are:

1.Preparing Yourself to Dream
2.Setting Your Intention
3.Receiving Your Dream

Preparing Yourself to Dream

Fasting and sincere prayer are believed to encourage dreams, especially those of a prophetic nature. You can also burn herbs such as jasmine flowers, calendula flowers, or poppy to bring prophetic dreams.

Setting Your Intention

This is probably the most important aspect of dream incubation. It is important to be clear of that wish your wish to dream. Some people find it helpful to write their question on a piece of paper, placing the paper in the Bible at Act 2:17 and then placing the Bible under their pillow. ---(I state my intent through dream pillows, placing paper under my pillow, spellwork geared to the intent right before bed... lots of ways to do it. Prayers and chants and mediatation, whatever works.)

Receiving Your Dream

You may not immediately dream about the subject of your intent. It may take as much as two weeks before you have a dream that relates to your question. It is important to establish habits that will assist you in remembering your dreams when you do receive them. Some methods that assist you in remembering your dreams include writing them down as soon as you awake, reciting them into a recorder, or telling them to yourself out loud several times until it is committed to memory.

Source: Carolina Conjure (Carolina Dean is a Minister of the Universal Life Church and founder of the Crossroads Coven in Oak Harbor, WA. Dean is a graduate of Cat Yronwode's Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course and one of his spells is published in Denise Alvarado's book The Voodoo Doll Spellbook, with articles published in several of her publications as well.)

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Re: Dreaming-True

Posted: Thu Jan 23, 2014 1:14 pm
by Kassandra

Fantastic, thanks for posting, North Star. It might be interesting for people to know there are hoodoo products and workings that compliment dream work.

Have you used any, or do you recommend any? Or anyone else?


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Posted: Thu Jan 23, 2014 3:39 pm
by North Star
I have discussed dreaming before here, and had some trouble really describing what it means to me when I say 'dream magick'. I wanted to share this info because it was a great description of how I practice with my dreams. I would love to hear from others who like to mix a little witchcraft into their dreams. :)

I do experience all the different levels of lucidity mentioned, intelectually lucid is what I experience most. I also enjoy practicing while another sleeps... performing a spell when you know someone is sleeping to aid in their dreams. :fairy: I like to use this method specifically with someone close to me who I have had dream connections with over the years. I haven't tried with someone I am not as close with, and not sure if I would. It is a type of love magick I guess, as I have used it, and I wouldn't do it to just anyone.

I enjoy practicing 'dream incubation' as it is called here. Preparing for dream can include anything from spellwork to meditation or prayer... depending on the need. Crafting dream pillows or a dream spell before sleep, many ways to prepare and set intention. Receiving the dream, well it is true they dont always come right away. Some take a month and I will 'feed' the spell or pillow or bag until I get what I need or want. A 'recharge' if you will, when the dreaming takes a bit to come to me. If its a big one, I will start on a new moon and usually I have success by the full moon. I like to make up spells, pillows or bags, or rituals to help prepare and set the dreams, dreams are something I enjoy putting a little magick into. ;)

Dream work spells may be employed
- to communicate with others while they sleep
- to cultivate the power of dreaming true
-to cultivate the power to remember one's dreams
- to bring in spirit contact with the dead
- to enhance one's waking ability to perform scrying, card reading, and other forms of divination
-to enter into mystical awareness of higher planes or higher forms of consciousness.

Re: Dreaming-True

Posted: Sat Jan 25, 2014 6:10 pm
by Kassandra

Yes. I tried your lucid dreaming suggestions on that other thread by the way, and they were effective, maybe too much so. You really know your stuff. It's funny how some things come easily for some, and harder for others (but doable with practice).

Thanks, these are some great suggestions and information.


Re: Dreaming-True

Posted: Thu Apr 30, 2020 12:33 pm
by firebirdflys