Turtle Rescue

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Turtle Rescue

Post by Peregrine »

The other night I had a dream that I saw a snapping turtle on its back. It was trying to flip over so it could walk and I could see traffic coming. I went to rescue it by helping it get back on its feet. I saw the traffic had stopped momentarily. A large truck (semi) was right behind the turtle.

I noticed the road was right beside a body of water and not too far away from the shore was a small island. The turtle needed to go there, I thought. Just then, I looked down to see that the turtle was buried up to its little neck in sand yet its face was almost smiling as though blissfully unaware of its present danger.

A sense of urgency overcame me, feeling like I was running out of time. I noticed the traffic was getting ready to move again so I picked up the turtle out of the sand and placed it in the water. It kept looking back at me and I was trying to get it to go across the water, to safety on that island. Yet it would not move. So I started stomping and growling as though trying to scare it to move to that island.

Then I woke up.

I understand turtles are often very good symbols in dreams for longevity, wisdom, portability (everywhere is its home), and so forth. Yet this poor thing was stuck on its back in oncoming traffic, then almost got buried in sand. Maybe I am worrying too much.

Have fun with that one. I think I got some of it but I'm stumped overall. The answer will come to me, sooner or later.
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Re: Turtle Rescue

Post by DaughterofErebus »

I think your dream is telling you not to rush... take your time on things.. with the cars incoming traffic maybe means that something is coming to you in a fast pace and you need to think wisely and rationally through these situations

blessed be :)
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