Dreaming of Elemental

Dreams, dream interpretation, sleep paralysis, night terrors, hearing voices, vibrations, etc.
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Dreaming of Elemental

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So a few days I had dream I was at collectible outdoor show antiques etc.
It was fall kinda of overcast.. I met a young woman she was very pretty facial length red hair
a black beret hat and bright blue fleece jacket .. I came up her table she was british..
She had nice smile.. we talked about the show.. I had a nice talking time with her
I asked the reader I use what does mean . She was elemental she was there stabilze you.
And help you along way as need getting connected with something rooting something tangible..
Thats. really strange that actual elemental coming to me. :D

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Re: Dreaming of Elemental

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It may seem strange, but really it's not so strange. When you are close to the Earth, Nature, and Wylde, Elementals will appear in your dreams.
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