I Had Dream About Burning Money

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I Had Dream About Burning Money

Post by stormofwind »

So the dream I had was a big mountain of money burning the building was huge
As it was burning down the number 240 was burning on the wall
So I typed it in it's bible verse 240 psalms 11 king james

In the lord I put my trust
For lo the wicked bend there bow they make ready the the arrow
on the string may privy shoot upright in the heart

If the foundations are destroyed what can the righteous do?
While righteous may be tested and tired we must continue to trust in the lord..
I'm not religious person by any means I believe in higher power...
But this start to scare me quite alot.. :(

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Re: I Had Dream About Burning Money

Post by Black Cloud »

When I think of money to burn, I think of great abundance, like the old cliche implies.
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Re: I Had Dream About Burning Money

Post by Ikido »

I had a dream that I was washing money in the washing machine....Forgot it in the pockets of jeans and washed. What does it mean in your opinion?

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