I Mourn For Valentines

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I Mourn For Valentines

Post by stormofwind »

I never fully understood or cared for this holiday..
One day of the year to show to endear yourself to somebody
you love with handful of roses maybe a heart shaped box of candy
So typical.. All decor such bloody bore red white and pink gag me
I'm on the brink I think .. Maybe cupid is dead shot himself with his arrow.
I only guess and hope all the broken hearted gets stepped on and pushed off to the side
This day is like small funeral for some us feel oppressed by day of
forced emotions and nostalgia. I cut the red roses down and burn them.
And all cards of the mournful day the flame cleanses my bitterness.
St Valentine so balsmer you cruel pathetic tool .
If you only knew what pain will inflect and caused.

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Re: I Mourn For Valentines

Post by NeverMoonAWerewolf »


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Re: I Mourn For Valentines

Post by RedRavenFox »

Love it.
And when the day arrives
I'll become the sky
And I'll become the sea

And the sea will come to kiss me
For I am going

Nothing can stop me now

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Re: I Mourn For Valentines

Post by SapphireRoad »

Ye young men so rebellious contre tradition.

NeverMoon... das stimmt. In case you mourn... Don't be sad because sad backwards is Das ... und Das nicht gut.

I blessed on that day people both taken and alone that they reach to the core and unite with their beloved soul.

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