The Path

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The Path

Post by Dionysus »

I hope that this is the right position for a poem that i did :)

The witch,
Practicing the old traditional,
Spiritual believes,
Honoring the ancient God\s,
Planets, Energies and powers.

Entering a path,
Full of ancient,
Ancient and spiritual secrets,
Entering the world of spirits,
And Elements, Understanding
Spirituality in deeper forms.

Deeper and deeper,
The secrets of the night,
The sacred night,
The sacred hours,
Powered from the Cosmic energies,
To tell the future and divine.

The owl,
That help us from the dark and lies,
Help us see the light and the truth,
From a world full of lies,
We'll find the truth,

The journey we're in,
A journey,
a path full,
Full of dark and deep secrets. - 12\08\2015

Blessed be!
New witch!

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Re: The Path

Post by Deejean »

Its beautiful :)

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Re: The Path

Post by firebirdflys »

Dionysus wrote: 12\08\2015

Nice poem there Dionysus, I'll move it to the poem section for you :D
bb, Firebird

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