Visually piercing the veil

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Re: Visually piercing the veil

Post by SpiritTalker »

Over years of summer beach combing and land lubber rock hunting I've only ever found one thumbnail sized stone with a hole all the way through, but I've found lots of Petoskey stones that are All Eyes.

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Re: Visually piercing the veil

Post by vonPfaf »

Begin by sitting in a completely pitch black room with your eyes open. Call on your familiar to be present with you. With a bit of practice, you will begin to see spirits better and better. Once you have a solid sense of them, their shapes, sizes, energy (ect.) in total darkness, you can begin to bring light into the room, until you can still see them in a bright area as well as when it was pitch black.

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Re: Visually piercing the veil

Post by LC »

I think after trying a few ways you can find what helps you the most and what draws our third eye out.
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Re: Visually piercing the veil

Post by ThunderFog »

Don't quote me on this but I've been told some spirits don't show their true form cus it can terrify humans and others just don't like being looked at I mean a number of things probably have some way of showing their form they just don't want to they even consider it rude that you're trying to see them.
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Re: Visually piercing the veil

Post by MizLynn3 »

I have read the thread and those are awesome ways to see. and someone said you have to be in a trance state. That is doesn't happen all the time.

I see it all the time. Have since I was a little girl. I didn't know what to think and I wasn't about to tell my Mom at 5 years old that I am seeing things.
But I do and I hear them and some like animals will rub my leg or lay on my feet. I used to be freaked out by this until I knew what was going on. I am way to aware of things.

This time of night is also good for seeing as well (The witching hours)(3-6)

When we moved into this house in July I cleared it of all negative energy. I leave the good. Unless I feel threatened.
I also talk to them. Show respect to them. If your nice usually they are too.
My kids see too.
They are like Mom, this house is haunted! and I tell them, Yeah, so be nice. They will leave you be if you ask nice and in an authoritative tone, not mean.

I am just going on....Well I do hope this helps you for when you do start to see more.

Love an Blessings

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