Can you heal a relationship?

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Can you heal a relationship?

Post by gwen »

Can you heal a relationship without affecting free will with a spell? I desperatly want to fix a relationship with someone and have tried everything. I truly miss this person and know that the only reason he turned away was because he got scared of his feeling for me (or so he said). And I was honeslty being a pain in the butt. Ive tried to apologize a hundred times, but he wont respond, and I just want him back in my life. Is there anything I can do?

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Post by LUNAAMOR »

i believe that if he does not want anythign to do with you then you should respect tha beacause if you do a spell to make him come back you will really be ignorign his free will :)
another thing that you can do is to make a spell to bring love to your life :D
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Post by Makbawehuh »

You could do a spell to help you both understand the truth of your feelings. It doesn't force either of you to do anything you don't want to, and it leaves lots of room for growth and opportunity later. You may both decide you want back together, and you both may decided you really want nothing to do with each other.
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Post by gwen »

Thank you for your advice, I really want him just to forgive me. He never has come out and said he doesnt want me in his life, I dont beleive that is the case becuase he originally sought me out. Then I did some stupid things that pushed him away and I want him to realize that it was never done with ill intent, just stupidity. I was confused and now I see clearly what I did was wrong. Even if our relationship cant be repaired, my heart needs to know that he forgives me.

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Post by watershield »

Why not do something uncommon, like send him some flowers and a note with a simple Sorry...Friends for ever if you want.

If he's into it, he'll call. If not, move on
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