Are love spells moral?

Questions and posts about love spells.

Are love spells moral?

Perhaps, in certain situations,or degrees of love spells
Other (please state in reply)
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Post by Tymar »

I feel I have expressed clearly my view on the subject in my above post.
Although I wasn’t talking about magick – manipulation
Was talking about people – manipulation.

I don’t think we should manipulate people to what we think they need or not need. (This is a fine line.. ) Without there consent.

Although, if someone asks you to help them, I feel that at times the best help is self help.
Give them knowledge and let them take the reins – this gives them the power instead of them giving it away to someone else.

Of course this is my view, maybe not everyone’s view. But im not here to push my view on anyone. Just to share what I have come to understand myself.
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Post by Kolohe »

I would be more concerned with the person's inner state than their ethics. Doesn't seem like something to be forced or hurried.

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Post by XWynterXoXPriestessX »

as a witch, and a witch who has been in love and has felt heartbreak, i must say I myself would not cast a love spell. That doesn't mean I'm sayin its right or wrong, because I can only give you my opinion as one person, hun. I wouldn't do it, because if it works, or you think it does, would you be able to live with the thought knowing your lover might only be with you and love you because of how powerful your spell was? There are spells for overall attraction, that would be my first resort. i hope all goes well for you. ^_^
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Post by hedge* »

This is a question that I have pondered many many times.
ALL spells are manipulative right, so who are we to say one spell is alright to do but another spell isn't?

Personally I have never done and would never do a love spell.


Post by Pirranth »

I'd like to disagree, and claim that not all magic is manipulative. Attempts to use magic as a tool makes magic manipulative, but I'd like to think that using magic as a tool gets sub-optimal results, which is a contradiction truly, but I'll stop going off topic.

This part is all basically restating everyone else's opinion. Spells for others without their permission is undoubtedly wrong, spells on the self are not seen as wrong. Manipulation is necessary for anything, you eat you must manipulate food. To breathe we must manipulate air. Manipulation, therefore I do not see as wrong in any light, for the nature of the action is not at fault but the intent behind the manipulation itself that is where right and wrong resides.

To summarize in English. Love spells on other people are bad without permission, and if they give you permission to put a spell on them to fall in love with you there really is very little point to the spell, and would be very weird.

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Post by AkanaAnash »

I voted "other"

I'll state again, I don't believe in the word "Love" as it connotates something self-sacrificial...but I will say I believe that it's fine to want to be wanted. And to create something that might help create that Desire.

I feel that paganism in general is free from bounds of "right and wrong" and that, the Universe might disagree with your choice, or agree that you might learn a lesson from casting the spell and that you should try even though the spell will be ineffective, or that Ma'at (read: Karma) might decide another's desire should be shifted in your direction...Ma'at is very individual-oriented in that way.

I guess what I'm saying is, it's up to the Universe anyway, for me, Majik is a way of asking it politely to move in the same direction you are, why not?

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Post by [EarthWitch] »

I don't believe in "love spells". I do not think that you can "Make" someone love you. I think that you can seduce someone for a time, but if you are not meant to be...then no magick on earth or elsewhere can keep you together. I have heard and know spells that call to you "the best person for you", but I am leary about that sort of thing as well, because you would have to be very specific...and it's too complicated to explain, but I wouldn't go there. I see no harm in asking the Goddess in prayer to assist you in directing your own life to find companionship and from that companionship, you may develop into something else but that will be what it will be without manipulation or harm to none without magick.....that is just the opinion of the EarthWitch...
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