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Can anyone advise on this? I like a guy very much and i want to marry him. Let me know how, please

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LOL...if you don't already have him you're not really in any position to be thinking of marrying the poor guy.

Theres some lovely magic I like...it's called Feminine Charm

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Does he want to marry you?


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I like him; he like me but he has focus on other women as well; I want him to get closer to me and propose

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If he's focusing on other women he really shouldn't be getting married. He should really be focused on one woman before getting attached through marriage, maybe try sorting through that with him first


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Have YOU proposed to HIM yet? If not, that's a good start...

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Sorry can't help you but even if I did know a spell like that, I would strongly advise against doing it. Would you really want to spend the rest of your life with someone who only loves you cos you forced him too? If you're not the only one for him, maybe he's not the one for you. I appreciate it's so easy for me to say, but think about it. That's before you consider the karmic repercussions of such an interference with someone's free will.


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KaidaPyralis wrote: Would you really want to spend the rest of your life with someone who only loves you cos you forced him too? Kaida
I'm sorry, but I must agre with this. there are some spells to help you catch his attantion or for him to think of you, but the whole "love" thing must come from his heart. i am sorry and I hope things work out for you. *hugs*

WAIT! There is a spell from the actual Everything under the Moon site! it's called somethign like ' to make someone think of you.
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It is a dangerous thing to put a spell on a specific person without him knowing and agreeing, apart from it being ethically questionable.


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Hey, if you google "controlling" you can find the spell you want.

Just remember if you want to control him, you will have to keep doing it, or he will stray, even after you guys get married.

However, if you do this, he will never love you. Only personal interaction and care and trust can cause love.

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This is where I wish I had a big stick that says "Be Careful What you Wish For" engraved on it. Then I could give it to you and tell you to use it on yourself when you are about to do something stupid. >.<

I can't reach through the modem, or I'd offer to do it myself.

BUT! You want a spell.

It's called the "Get him drunk and take him to Vegas" spell. This is what you need...

A hotel room in Vegas.
A 24-hour wedding chapel that has pay-ahead service.
A skimpy dress or costume of his choice.
A couple gallons of vodka.

The ritual goes like this. You lure him to Vegas with your sexy self and get him blindingly drunk, then take him to the local 24-hour wedding chapel which you've already paid for and booked. Make sure he doesn't puke on the preacher, and guide his drunken hand along the papers so that the preacher can witness that he signed them... Er.. with help.

Then you take him to the hotel room and, when his head is pounding in the morning, you gleefully jump into his lap and scream "GOOD MORNING THE LOVE OF MY LIFE! PLEASE DON'T DIVORCE ME!"

That, I assure you, is a recipe for true love.


You could simply ask him out on a date and see where it goes. I dunno, I could be a little off, there.

P.S.- To KEEP him, you need some means of blackmail. I hope he's rich or already married, or has some sort of shady past so you can make that part work out.
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thanks for all your advice

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Most "love " spells that I know are just general ones to bring someone your way, but not meant for anyone specific. They are not written for "making someone your own" or having someone fall madly in love with you, but to bring someone your way that maybe you would connect with and develop a relationship. I am sorry, but I don't know of any spell like you are seeking, and I'm afraid that I too, feel that it may impose on anothers free will. Good luck though. There are some great suggestions here, though!
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I dont belive you should mess with his free will, If he loves you and its ment to be than it will be.
Have you ever heard the term "If you love him let him go, ........" in my ecperince the more you hound him the further he will drift away.

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