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Spell to keep a lovers ex from bothering you.

Posted: Wed Dec 05, 2007 2:52 pm
by XWynterXoXPriestessX
first off, this should be performed on a friday in the night of a wanning moon. you will need:

a clear bowl or glass of ice water
a peice of paper with your lovers ex written on it in washable ink.
picture of you and your lover

Start by writing the name of the ex on the peice of paper. place the picture of you and your lover UNDER the bowl or glass of ice water. pour a bit of vinegar into the water. place the paper with the ex's name into the water. now visualize a warm, loving glow about you and your lover, eith the ex being repelled by this barrier, as you do so, chant:

"I bid you now, (ex's name) to stay away,
from (your lovers name) and I, night and day.
Let you live in happiness and peace,
from this day on, you will cease,
to take (lovers name) away from me,
leave us alone and let us be free.
let you be cold to us and pay us no heed.
This spell is done, my words are one, done is my deed.
So mote it be."

this was given to me when i was with atomsk and his ex kept trying to intervene. i performed it and she left us alone! yayness! i was told the vinegar was supposed to make her 'sour' to you. i don't know, my dear friend Ze created it for me.