Love spell....for someone else

Questions and posts about love spells.
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Love spell....for someone else

Post by [GeekyPagan] »

oooh, I hate ask this, because love spells are so....well...they are love spells. I know, you cannot manipulate someone else's will, or somehow make someone love you.

Plus, I realize that spells for others, especially for others with out thier permission (which is what I am doing) can be a sticky thing.

What I am looking to do is to send some romantic love to someone I care about. Basically, he's lonely and needs a girlfriend. I know spells can't suddenly conjure girlfriends, duh. But, I just want to send some good thoughs and wishes his way for romance, with a little more "oomph".

I haven't tried writing spells, and I am a little wary about that. So, I figured first, hopefully someone might have a suggestion to where I can find a love spell of this type or to help write one. Thanks!

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Re: Love spell....for someone else

Post by [moondance] »

Geeky have your tried the spells on the site ... ? I think there are lots and lots of love spells there - maybe have a look there and see if anything suited ...


Post by wiccan_butterfly »

hmm, i would just look around on some sites, or this one here

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Post by Aubrey Rose5 »

yeah there are tons of love spells on here although i dont agree with love spell but i suppose one to attract love from anywhere isnt bad because its not manipulating one person .. which is exactly what you said huh haha! ok so yeah i would look around here but i wouldnt do a spell for somebody without there permission first it might cause trouble
love is not made by magick it comes only from the heart

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