Need Help with Love spell

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Need Help with Love spell

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This is the story.

Hi all,

I'm new to this site, and would like to ask for advice for a love spell.
Here is the story,
I meet this girl ... (edit)
OK, we meet again gone out . it started to be romantic, meet mom family and more. Started to stay by her and more.
After a while she started to get nerves of stupid things, but checking her history from her and talking to her she told me for small things she gets upset and don't worry.

Ok after a while she was getting upset at me? i'm asking her why she cant answer me. I said ok lets try figuring out why.
But talking to her she always is telling me she loves me i can see she is sad because she cant help.
She told me always she had past bad relationships and has fear in relationships
I always told her don't worry i'm not that sort of guys i also passed through a lot in life and want to settle down.

And she was ok with that, A day she just popped up and say don't talk to me don't text me, i said ok maybe she is in her mood again.

But this time even though i send her a msg or so she wont reply.

Do you guys have anything any love spell to bring her back or enlighten her hearth and mind.
I really love her my son also loves her alot, I told her last time my son misses her she send me a crying emoji and told me she also misses and loves him. (edit)
I know she misses me a lot but there is something that is keeping us apart.

Again do you guys have anything any love spell to bring her back or enlighten her hearth and mind.

Also i have gone to a local Card reader and she told me that she had previous relationships that she passed through that she is scared of settle down and she thinks that everyone is the same.
This local card ready give me something to take a bath with needed to go to the ocean throw 7 coins and ask for my wishes, had a woman form candle where i had to write her full name and my full name and an love oil that i needed to light and anoint the candle with the love oil until it burn with that person photo underneath the woman form candle.

I did all, but to my mistake or not she told me i can throw away the remainder, but reading online i have seen that i shall have not done it until the person comes back.
I throw it in the garbage truck, when i did i felt very light headed like wanted to faint.

I think by disposing it i did something wrong.

Can someone help me here.
With a spell or something else (edit).

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Re: Need Help with Love spell

Post by SpiritTalker »

She's made it clear that she is not interested in following up the acquaintance. As Wiccans our beliefs do not use low magic to force false affection. You can browse for love spells to find something you might want to use.

I have taken the liberty of removing inappropriate content as this post had previously been removed.

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Re: Need Help with Love spell

Post by Adonius »

Ok thanks

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