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Re: Herbs

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daulton1 wrote:Sorry firebirdflys I'm not giving up. I don't need your negativity. Don't have anything nice to day then don't post anything at all. Yes I can find Vervain at Wallmart. The spell will be cast inspite of what you think of me. There have been other people who have been supporting me, helping me out and and offering me advice. So if you don't have anything nice to post then don't post anything at all.
listen puppy, you are young (in the occult) and need to take the advice of those who came before and in some cases have had experience with what you’re doing. It. Will. Not. End. Well. She will be miserable and end up hating you best case scenario and worst case scenario she has a psychotic break, and either tries to kill herself or you in a fit of jealousy or depression. Don’t freaking do it!

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Re: Herbs

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Daulton spoke poorly of you all, so he had to leave,
however I wanted to add a liitle sidebar about Walmart. For some of you it may be the only convenient all in one shopping, but as EveningwithAshtaroth was saying Walmart might not be your best source. The apple seeds, for instance (which online said they were out of stock) were 1,500.oo dollars course they were the non gmo type, they are for planting trees. I think the idea of the seeds from an apple are ment to come from an apple you have just consumed while musing about your true love...
Then you use the seeds from from that apple. It's much more magical that way. Rhubarb would be easily obtained at a nursery as would vervain, live or in seed form.

But back to Walmart. I would encourage those of you who can avoid shopping there to please do so. I tried to find a link to explain the reason for this request and the most concise was Wikipedia. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Criticism_of_Walmart
I personally do not shop there but my mother gets all her Rx there. She's on a buget, I get it, but it's defeating enterprise, perpetuates poverty, utlizes child labor and so much more.
An ethical witch tries to find local sources, first in nature, second at a farmer market or heath food store, third a local grocery (yep in the bottles) then online at a reputable dealer.
And thank you to those of you who report inflammatory posts, we appreciate that very much.
Bb, Firebird

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