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Picture Frame Magick

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I have used this spell twice and both times it's worked for me. It's my own spell and I am happy for others to use it or try their own versions.

You need:
1) Two photo frames exactly the same. (I had two silver coloured frames with signs of the zodiac engraved. You can always draw your own signs on plain frames).
2) Put photo of yourself in one frame, leaving the other empty.
3) Pink candle
4) Honey Jar (ingredients & method must be your own and ideas can be found on the net)

1) Altar. I used a part of my bedroom dressing table for my altar as its where I had perfumes, pretty hair accessories and some crystal hearts. It was also a safe place for the candle. You can use whatever you want.
2) Put honey jar in centre of altar space & place candle on top or by its side - whatever is safest.
3) Put frames 7" either side of jar & candle.
4) Each evening light your candle, sit near it and spend some time meditating on the kind or love you are looking for. Blow out candle.
5) The next evening do the same thing but also move both frames 1" closer to jar & candle.
6) Repeat this every day for 7 days - each day remembering to meditate & concentrate on the best lover you could imagine.

At the end of 7 days your new love will come into your life. They may not look like a sex kitten or Adonis but they will have all the attributes you are looking for.

Luck & Blessings,

Please let us know how it goes. x
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