Spell to Become a Good Kisser?

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Spell to Become a Good Kisser?

Post by lunacat16 »

Hi there! Ok.... this is kinda embarrassing... but i'm 23 and i have only been kissed once, whic was a long time ago, there is a guy i like now, but i'm afriad of kiising him cuz i afraid i will mess up and he will notice, so i needa spell to become a good kisser. any advice? thanks! :oops:

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Post by katie2005 »

well how do you know he is a good kisser himself??????

you can practice on a pillow , a teddybear or better yet a mirror whre u can see what u doing.....

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Post by AnuChild »

Or you can just kiss him.

Sorry to be so blunt, but it seems simple enough to just kiss him. I'm not trying to be rude or anything.... (I just had to help a friend of mine, who's twenty and never been kissed before, to get the courage to kiss a man she likes and I gave her the same advice, which was repeated to her by two male friends. Just kiss.)
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Post by Elem »

So long as you're thinking to yourself 'I'm afraid, I'm afraid, I'm afraid, I'm afraid', you probably will mess it up.

No offense is intended in saying that.. I've just often found that negative thought leads to negative action.

Instead, try relaxing and not thinking about it. If you kiss, then don't be afraid or get tense and think you're going to be a 'bad kisser'.. Just relax and enjoy it.

If you're relaxed and simply enjoying the kiss for what it is, you'll have no problem I'm sure :).


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Post by Alhandra »

If you kiss him it will just come naturally, you wont muck up.

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Post by sourmessmoon »

Try not to kiss like "a fish" also, take your time and when the mood take you slip your tounge in fo extra effect.

Sorry if this sounds a little blunt I really am trying to be helpful.

Irisis Cada-Merrell

Post by Irisis Cada-Merrell »

How many times have I heard "It comes naturally"?

How can that be true???? How!????

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