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jcrowfoot wrote:
It's also in a book called Charms, Spells, & Formulas.

A classic! Ray Malborough is one of the premier sources for spells of this type. Old-school Southern Witchcraft. Very hoodoo inspired. One of the great things about this book, is that he gives recipes for all those oils that you find in botanicas and the like... and his don't have all those artificial scents in them, nor do you need to buy expensive essential oils.

(Though it IS nice to put a drop or two of a relevant essential into one of these blends...)
I wasn't sure about some of the oils, as they seem like they would need to be doctored up a bit. But it is a nice little book! It doesn't give a ton of info on any one thing, but it gives a lot of little basics. :) Like I've never made a poppet before, but he has info on all of that in the book.

But like the recipe for "Mistress of the House" is basically the same as the "Controlling Oil" recipe, for example, and if I wanted to make one of those I could think of more things to add than what he suggests. Also, there are things like road opener oil which aren't in the book, which I would have liked to have in there. Don't get me wrong though, it's a nice place to start! :)

Also, he has info on magic lamps, which I really like! :)

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