I need a love spell...this is a weird story lol.

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I need a love spell...this is a weird story lol.

Post by ROXYDIVA »

Okay, so Blessed Be everyone My name is April.
Now that that's out of the way (kidding)...
Here is my request:

I've met a guy back in 06 and we started as friends and became (eh...hem...) friends with benefits. I really liked this guy but no matter how close I tried to become with him, he would pull further away. We were only in each others lives for around a month.

Well April 2010 I found him again! It was weird, we instantly got along and have pretty much been non-stop texting each other and hanging out at least once every week. So now it has been almost 6 months that we have been back in contact and he always calls me sweety, babe and his angel, but there is an issue.

He has been going through some sort of depression due to a broken heart, which occurred before we were in contact....he actually lost everything he had including his job so I have been helping build him up since we've been in contact. Noone else is concerned about him but me and this is why he calls me his Angel...

This should work in my favor but noooooooo he says I'm like a sister to him and we will ALWAYS be friends FOREVER ect ect.... Now I did a love spell which I'm sure was not done correctly back in April. Directly after doing this spell he wanted to be "Best Friends". He's always hugging me, holding my arm kissing my cheeks and just being really affectionate.

I am in looooooooooove with this man and have been since way back when we first met but I obviously moved on in that time. Now I am free and I want this man. What love spell would you suggest. The closest I come to getting him is wearing Versace Noir perfume which makes him sniff my neck like a vampire while rolling his eyes back in his head and moaning (umm yea weird) but he loves it lol.


PS. I oddly enough my deceased father has been appearing in my dream and he keeps taking me to this same guy.

Love spell please and of course any advice you'd like to add...

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Post by saggitariandante »

Love spell really? are you sure? Love spells tend to NOT work as we want them. I would suggest to tell him that you have some feelings that are more than friendly, and see what happens, if he says he doesn't feel the same, then its not meant to be...sorry :(

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Post by shadowx »

I am in looooooooooove with this man
No you dont *shakes head*

If you loved him you would accept that he doesnt live you and be the best friend that he wants and need. The fact you are willing to remove his free will and force him into a relationship he doesnt want to be in shows this is not love but is instead an infatuation. Not to mention immature.

(Meh, i hate "I needz teh loev spellz!!!1!!!@@@@@@" threads.....)

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Post by Traumwandlerin »

Maybe get him with the sexual aspect, when talking did not help. Like "Let's try this friends with benefits again, that was just so awesome and I'm quite needy at the moment". Because, there are 3 things in a relationship (obviously more, but these are the basics): the friendship (you got that already), the sexual aspect (you had this, you could get his back again). And the commitment (but 2 out of 3 isn't so bad, is it? ^^ Maybe it will come).

But really, having a boyfriend with a depression is just no fun. And I don't think you are in love but rather co-dependent.

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Post by missmelodygrace »

Im sorry to say this but you cant change peoples will ... and would you seriously want a partner who was with you only because you 'changed' his mind for him?

You could try a spell to help him see what he wants clearly .... but if that isnt you how will you feel and how could you cope with it?

Think long and hard about your motivation for these spells. You are a good person and deserve only the best.
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Post by ScarlettRose »

I agree with mainly everyone.
Especially what missmelodygrace said, Think long and hard about your motivation for these spells. You are a good person and deserve only the best.

You do deserve the best, don't do it just for him.
I understand you though, I turn to love spells sometimes... Depending on the right one. I've done a lot of powerful ones before though and they just end up going on me and I love them way more deeply and they end up breaking my heart even more. So, I don't recommend a powerful spell, if you DO decide that love spell is where you wanna go with him...
If you want to do one, try just putting love oil on. Maybe just burn a red candle for him and meditate to yourself, if it's meant to be... It going to happen...
The best will happen for you! I believe that.
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Post by SerephinaRose »

Hi Roxy,
Im not gonna tell you NOT to perform a love spell. Im going to assume you're an adult who fully knows what kind of reprecussions that might or might not happen when a love spell is done. Love spells are touchy for a lot of people because they feel as if it bends free will, but in my opinion 90% of spells bend someones freewill somewhere.

On a friday night light a red candle and meditate on it like ScarlettRose suggested. I would love to supply you with a love spell but I dont have any in my BOS as i dont use them (married). Off the top of my head im thinking you could sew his picture (Face up) into a small pillow and sleep on it; it will be almost as if he is "looking through" the pillow at you, therefore fixing his mind on you, create a potion of cinnamon, cloves, jasmine, oranges, red rose petals, lemon balm, and a little bit of your vaginal juices to wear during the daytime. (bless your potion and form a magical bond with it first) Leave traces of it in his car, room, etc.

But a little personal advice; refuse to be his friend with benefits. Thats probably one of the reasons you two aren't together. You're giving him all the perks of a relationship without being in a relationship so why would he want to be with you? Its like driving a car without the lease, why would you (or anyone) get into a lease if your driving the car for free? I know you have sexual needs too, but if you have feelings for him your only hurting yourself more while giving him all the benefits and a beautiful woman in his bed that he doesn't deserve.

Blessings be with you sis.

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Post by Monica99 »

I agree with SerephinaRose, if you're old enough to practcie you're old enough to know the reprecussions and that 90% of spells mess with freewill. I wish I had a spell for you, but I too need one.. So if you find one that works, Please let me know! I'll do the same! Goodluck!

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