Do love spells work?

Questions and posts about love spells.
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Re: Do love spells work?

Post by Symandinome »

I highly urge against trying to work a love spell.

It is a complicated undertaking and it is not very nice to work against someones will. Oftentimes the result of your love spell will be exactly the opposite of what you intended or the an extreme of what you wanted. It is a very tricky thing because the details of exactly what you want and how you want and so on an so forth must clearly be laid out. Even if you leave just one thing out it could mess the whole thing up.

Why would you want someone who doesnt really love you? You would have only "tricked" them into thinking they do. In which case It isnt real so why bother.

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Re: Do love spells work?

Post by Victoria Mnemosyne »

I don't believe in "bad spell karma" or "the threefold law", "influencing someone's will" etc.
But I still won't mess around with a person-specific love spell.
To me, it smacks of hubris. In the Hellenic traditions that I follow, hubris inlcudes but is not limited to "thinking or acting as if you are one of the Gods". In the case of a love spell, you're acting like you are a God or like you know better than Them that *this one guy/gal* is your "soulmate". The Gods, the Fates know what you're destiny is. It is not for us to know or to say.
To bind myself forever to someone, and to bind them to me, is a huge mistake. Not only because the love would be cheap and false, but because who am I to know where my destiny lies? My and that person's REAL soulmate could be out there somewhere, and will never be found, because I had the hubris to think I knew best.

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Re: Do love spells work?

Post by Ula »

I don't do or would not do a love spell but I did do a witch's bottle for my marriage. I realized not too long ago it really has been working. I did it with my husbands consent and he even sat with my while I worked it.

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Re: Do love spells work?

Post by Breeze Youngblood »

I made up my own love spell; but it's in poem form. I have thought about the specific details before and added the "fill in the blacks" to the poem. It does work. It works for friendship, love, family, etc. Sadly, I won't share it because someone took advantage of it once... yeah, it didn't turn out well...

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Re: Do love spells work?

Post by BallisticJW »

I have plenty of love spells, spells for a specific person (which turned out to be terrible, I got the person but went against the will of the universe and so I got what I wanted and a lot of hurt too), meditations, spell for a true love (who maybe was a true love for a time but I outgrew them) Spell to make someone love me (and in this obsession I became even more in love with that person...)... They always work, but I never got a love spell entirely right. This signifies to me that I shouldn't be doing them, I haven't done a love spell and have a wonderful boyfriend who I have been dating for 2 years.... Patience is the key to any and everything.

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Re: Do love spells work?

Post by virgogirl »

Love spells do work and they must be done right and i have posted one of my best love spells for those who want to also use it...this spell has worked im living proof...Blessed Be


Re: Do love spells work?

Post by stormr »

I believe they do work, but only if you and the person of desire are compatible and have some of the same feelings for eachother. It did work for me, but I wasnt performing a full love spell, just to make a female friend see that I am more than she thought of, and it did work. We started out by meeting at work and we do have quite an age difference too of 13 years which was what made me really hessitant of asking her out (I was 33 and her 20 at the time), but we found a common interest in playing gears of war with fellow people at work, and became good friends, and she didnt think of me as more than that back then, but she left a candy wrapper at my house and I used it in a spell to aid in her feelings towards me, and then after I did the spell one night I talked to her online and asked her out, which she quite rapidly said no. Then next day she called me up and asked if she could come over, I thought it was just to verify that we were nothing more than friends, but she never mentioned anything like that, and started calling me her boyfriend the next day, quite surprised that somehow we even skipped the whole dating phase and went straight to being a couple. That was almost 4 years ago, and we are very happy together, and everything has been great the whole time, we plan on getting married within the next year. I know that love spells typically dont work because you cant alter the will of another with a spell especially with love, but in a small way they do work, even if it just helps out with confidence of asking another person out.


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Re: Do love spells work?

Post by raynelae »

Honestly I've done one and it seemed to work. I didn't keep a certain person in mind even though that was so tempting lol :)
If u try one be careful
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Re: Do love spells work?

Post by greenvixen »

hello... yeah i did a love spell to my boyfriend which is now my husband... he used to have many annoying attitude which i really hate when we were still boyfriends and girlfriends ... he used to go out with his friend a lot without telling me... after i did this spell.... my boyfriend is now more into me and everytime he goes out he ask me to come with him..i now dont have problem with him going out alot with his friend. but the backfire of it is that he tend to be a jealous problem on me... which he was not like that before
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Re: Do love spells work?

Post by Silverwing »

I've tried a couple love spells; never on people though, only to bring love into my life. It worked Techinically but not exactly in the way I'd planned. I think the main reason for that is that love and people's emotions are unpredictable- they rarely work out just how you think they will

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Re: Do love spells work?

Post by CristryShannon »

i did a love spell recently and it kinda realy glad that it didn't realy realy worked cause i would feel guildy...anyway love spells are very very dangerous and if you force someone to do sth that he/she doesn't want that action will strick you three times more!!!! I lived that! After i did that spell and saw that it worked my powers vanished...i don't know how but for almost a week a couldn't make even 1 spell!!! I prayed to gods and said that i was sorry and tryied to break the spell. Uncasting the spell really worked and here i am now with my powers not going to do strong and big love spell again..that's for sure! :P:P:P :))
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Re: Do love spells work?

Post by SilverBlaze »

Personally? Yup, I've done one. It involved meditating on the qualities I wanted in a mate, and braiding the corresponding color threads into a talisman while I did so. It's one of those 'passive' spells, where you wear the talisman and it continues to quietly summon the right person for you.

And two days later, I moved my giant antique dresser, and a metal support beam for the mirror broke loose and sliced right through it. I was stunned and shocked (literally, medically in shock) when I realized how utterly close it came to severing some vital parts in my ankle, and decided it was pretty much a message to leave that sort of thing alone. I've never tried a love spell for a human since, though I did use a modified love spell to summon the perfect pet. *laughs* That one DID work.... Lucivar showed up on our doorsteps a week later, and never freaking left. He wound up crawling into the house via the dryer vents, and we've never really looked back.

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Re: Do love spells work?

Post by Moonstream »

i agree with sallydreams.
No, because I don't believe they work... nor would I want to reap the reprocussions.

Love spells are risky and dangerous. I wouldn't advise doing them. If you need love from someone, how about just trying to get to know them better? If you feel heavy anxiety around that person -- why don't you learn some breathing techniques or do a spell for confidence?

You cannot control human emotion, and if you are able to... why would you use to it make someone love you? Wouldn't you want them to love you because of who you are, not what you did to them?

The biggest downfall that I've heard of from a love spell, is it links your "loveability" to that person. You CANNOT control someone. They may not end up loving you back at all... but the spell is still active and is only allowing that person to love you... then what do you have? Nothing.

Just don't do it.
of course many of you might be tired of having people repeat that love spells are bad etc., its the truth. if you are a wiccan then im sure youve heard of the last part of the wiccan rede: An ye harm none, do what you will'
love spells and any other controlling spells are in the 'harmful' area. if you do a love spell you are ignoring, denying and simly breaking the law of the rede. its best to simply be yourself and do your best to get closer to that person, and the result will be ten times better than a silly love spell. if that person you desire does not like you or blows you off or dumps you, then maybe that person simply isnt right for you.
harm none
xoxo sorry if i seemed really strict aand annoying :cry: but i hoped this helped
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Re: Do love spells work?

Post by EmeraldRose »

Recently a guy that I had a crazy crush on was leaving to return to New Zealand and I did a love spell in the hope that he might stay and we may fall in love however this didn't work! :( But you could argue that it did work because they always say "If you love someone then you've got to let them go!" And the spell seamed to ease my pain. Maybe the spell worked in a less obvious way to what you would expect the spell to do! )O(
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Re: Do love spells work?

Post by melinda »

Sure I did. Not for me, I could never quite be bothered to try to change the mind of a guy who didn't like me, though to be perfectly honest, it's not because of all those real deep moral things about manipulation you've said before; it's just a lot of hassle for spells that have such an unstable result, me think, however, my best friend really liked a guy who was single, so we cast a spell for him to look at her in a new light -and put plenty of love related ingredients to influence that new light he was meant to see her in.
It kind of worked, he did become attracted to her, and he did ask her out, but it didn't make him any less of a cheating a**hole than he'd been with all his other girlfriends before, and it all ended up with a great brilliant knee in the balls and a crepe and nutella therapy.
I do however love to take Love baths, not the one from before, which seems to be an actual spell but its pyaye, or, call it Condomble, Voodoo, Santeria, whichever, it's dedicated to Erzuli Freda, the loa of love and lust, and it's a great moral and awesomness booster, you either buy or make bath salts out of her plants of predilection, soak in well and take good care of your body, thanking her before and after for her blessings, after which I personally use her appointed scent -Florida water, and draw her veve on my skin with glitter khol. I always feel more confident afterwards, and if it's a party I usually get a guy by the end of the first hour.
Maybe it's just because I feel so much more confident afterwards. But maybe it's magic.

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