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Re: Love Spells - Opinions, Advice, and More...

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Love ♥ I have to admit it is my guilty pleasure. It is kind of my thing. I love all things related to love magick, big love junkie here. And it still can explode in the craziest of ways on me. After all these years I still take chances though. Most of the time you don't get what you think you want, you get what you need to learn. It can be a beautiful process of growth, for some of us, but it can also be downright destructive if you dabble with the heart and aren't prepared for what may come.

I also think when you are open to love magick, and using it on another, you open yourself up to theirs. They do not need to be a witch or know a thing about magick for you to feel this magick from them. Feeling their energy, you will feed on it if you have put magick out on the relationship. They can say things and make you feel things that will sometimes feel like a curse, your heart takes over and you find yourself under THEIR spell. Sexual and Love magick, that energy is strong. Be aware to be under their spell if you want them under yours. It does happen when you play with this stuff. Love Goddesses arent all about peaceful, good, healthy and happy, bubbly and sweet, piece of cake relationship tools. Big misconception with 'asking for a Love Goddesses help'. You want her help, accept to learn her lessons as well.

I know some witches do not care for love magick, and the whole 'intended' is not all cut and dry, for me. If you have love with this person already, know the risks and understand what you are doing, thats one thing. Love magick can be a lot more than spells and getting what you want. Some it seems are drawn to the craft simply for that perfect spell for perfect love. I don't like seeing young or beginners absorbed in it before they have an understanding. I cant stand spells on someone who shows no interest in you, or some guy you just met. That kind of stuff, that does nothing for a young girl (or guys) mind set about healthy love.

I always did attraction type spells in general through out most of life, never much on others. Bringing love and feeling love within myself. THEN got a little 'higher' much later on with how I work things. What came with that was not just experience in magick, but in life and love as well. I prepare myself for what may come, I know who I am working on (say a husband or my 'soul mate' for lack of a better term) and I think they pretty much expect it and accept it, they know what they are dealing with lol. But really, what I see is there is 'magick potions that will make someone love you', and this is such a bad way to think for young people especially, in life and magick. Then there is love magick that wives (or husbands) or lovers perform, intended or not it is a choice to the practitioner what is right from wrong. (This is from a woman influenced by a morally questionable Love Goddess so this might not be how others see it, everyone needs to find where they stand themselves on this matter of love and morals).

Bottom line... be prepared to have your heart ripped open if you want to go ripping into someone elses. But if you know right from wrong, love magick is not all 'make you love me' crap, it can be wonderful if used with respect and understanding, of yourself, the other, and of magick.

Threefold in love usually means pain back to your own heart. Be prepared to take this on. ;)

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Re: Love Spells - Opinions, Advice, and More...

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Like many, my opinion on love spells is you get what you deserve. Meaning, if you mess with person's head, you get spells backfiring. I wouldn't do a love spell. I have loved before, I love now, have been dumped, got my heart broken and never ever wanted a zombie. Perhaps I am too egocentric and want the other to love me for who I am, not because of what I did. Or too proud to beg for love. I don't really know, it just feels wrong. I wouldn't want it done to me, therefore I wouldn't do it to someone else, even to get revenge.
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Do love spells work?

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every love spell I have seen is focused on just getting the person back exactly how it was but what I believe is this the wrong way to do this. A relationship ends for a reason and if you want them back you need to accept the relationship you had is dead and grow from it, and if after you have recovered from the breakup emotionally and you still believe you want them back then you need to think what went wrong and if there is anything you want to change/improve for your life.
love can't just be wished back, it takes time to recover and have a clear head, if after all that you still want to try get them back it isn't a spell to manipulate that gains them, its a spell to regain connection and to improve upon yourself.
this is what i think gets your loved one back, to improve your self for your own sake not there's and then if you truly want to try then regain that connection, but not to simply manipulate them into just loving you

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