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Questions and posts about love spells.
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Re: Love Spells - Opinions, Advice, and More...

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You're welcome Blackpearl! I'm glad it helped you :D ,

Love and light
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Re: Love Spells - Opinions, Advice, and More...

Post by PleaseAcceptMe »

hey guys.. Please read my post on : ... 22613.html

I desperately need advice on love spell.. I would truly appreciate it if you take your time to read and reply to me..thanks..

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Re: Love Spells - Opinions, Advice, and More...

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My own professional opinion is as follows: First I dislike the notions of free since they refear to the moral rather than the mechanics of magick.I believe that a witch - especialy one inexperienced at the Arts- should primary concern him/herself with the more practical aspects of witchcraft rather than the philosophical ones.Furthermore love has a prety wide/obscure definition. Indeed what most spell-seekers seem to be searching for has been termed by Greek philosophers accurately as "agape" (true,unconditional love).In this case I advise to not attempt a spell for many reasons.First there's the Rede for Wiccans to consider,then theres also the issue that agape is a very complex & ill-understood emotion.As such manipulating or creating it is difficult.As with all ephemeral matter of the Mind one should also cosider the complexity, lack of reliebility and the consequences.Since thoughts are not static but by nature chaotic and dynamic even if the desired effect is achieve, it tends to be short lived.Also, the price of a failed erraticaly behaving spells in this case can be dire for both the caster and the unfortunate reciepient for such a spell.
On the other hand "Eros" the other aspect of love, wich can be correlated to romance, is a more viable choice.The above still apply but being a plainer emotion, it involves less complex spells,although the price of failure can still be high.Duration-wise Eros is by nature short-lived and therefore the interpid witch is (or should be) well aware of this fact.
Overall I discourage love spells.They rarely work as intended and carry heavy emotional baggage with them not to mention possible complications and morals.Lust spells are far more reliable and they always have possibilities for more to follow goodnevil
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Aeolian Echo wrote: I am now dating a Thai woman and recently visited with one of her spiritual advisors who informed her that I was carrying a curse.
Please advise me.
Please do avoid using terms you may not be familiar with.A curse is spell meant to bring utter death,destruction & chaos not even mere harm to a victim. A love spell is not a curse under any circumstances.For refearance: hex is a spell/effect to bring discord & harm to an individual. An jinx is a spell/effect meant to bring unpleasant effects wich rarely rise above annoiance level.A love spell could loosely be call an enthrallment or perhaps enchantment effect more accurately.
Now I advise heeding Starwitch's counsel and actualy verifying if there is magick involved.I advise heeding your gut above else though, and if you do believe this was a spell, it should long have waned and if it has not, removing it is not so complex at all.
P.S. I generally disagree with the whole "your mind makes it real" approach.There is such a thing as the placebo effect but its neither as widespread nor as omnipotent as people seem to believe it is.That's just my personal opinion though -take it or leave it.
We know that:
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Re: Love Spells - Opinions, Advice, and More...

Post by bogwillow »

melinda wrote:Okay, I haven't managed to read the entire thing -lots of pages, I'm not even half way through, but I decided to answer anyway, I've noticed that lots of people are against love spell, and all about kharmic debts and I figured someone might want to hear the other side of things.
I'm not against love spells, I've never used one, never seen the point, but I've cast some. With friends of mine or...for friends of mine.
I'm of the opinion that as long as the spell isn't too forceful or intrusive, I really can't see the difference between that and another sneaky way to make someone love you. I think making someone who doesn't seen interested look at you in a new like by changing him instead of changing yourself with make up or by downright pretending to be a person you're not is probably sounder.
I'm not talking here about the really hardcore crap here, but if two people are single and interested in a relationship, using a spell to make someone you fancy see you in a new light is just a way to make him attracted enough to want to get to know you without perjuring yourself.
This is similar to something I've been thinking about. My situation is a bit different, in that a certain man has charmed the hell out of me, in ways that might be considered manipulative. This is not some slimeball, it's someone I've known for years who is so wonderful and kind in many ways (which is how he finally won my trust), and who naturally has considerable charm and knows how to use it. And I can't really blame him for that.

So, I finally opened up to him emotionally during a time when I felt extremely vulnerable and uncertain. We became quite close, and had just started admitting to some very warm feelings for each other. Things were actually just starting to heat up to my satisfaction, when I ran into one of those life-changing circumstances: a bit of cancer, followed by surgery. I was actually going through chemo when he told me that his long-distance girlfriend was moving in with him.

I realize now, in retrospect, that I should have known about the girlfriend. Maybe I didn't want to know, because I'm pretty sure now that I actually had plenty of opportunities to know. I also think he may have mistakenly assumed I did know, but he never ever mentioned to me that he had an actual girlfriend until he told me they were moving in together.

Now, I'm a Scorpio but in my later years I've been someone who tries very hard to take the spiritual high road. I'm very attached to him now though and I'm hurting. And jealous, because, you know, I'm a Scorpio. I'm tempted as hell to do some kind of love spell. Because I do feel from him that his feelings for me haven't changed, and I've had plenty of evidence that he still cares for me, though obviously he also cares about his existing relationship.

I haven't shown him my hurt (proud Scorpio), I've stayed friends with him, I know he's a good person with flaws like everyone. People aren't all black or white in nature, and perhaps some spells aren't either? Or am I just trying to rationalize going after what I want? Because frankly, I'm awfully picky and I don't meet someone this special very often. :(

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Re: Love Spells - Opinions, Advice, and More...

Post by Blackcat101 »

In response to Bog willows post. You seem like a very thoughtful and intelligent person. If someone is in a long term relationship and wants to see other people as well, it is definitely his responsibility to spell out what the situation is 1. to his girlfriend and 2. to the other party or parties. It is not an omission on your part that you didn't ask him if he was available. I hope you have made a full recovery from your illness and anyone who would walk away from someone who is going through treatment for cancer is in my opinion actually a slime ball. I think you could cast a love spell on yourself to attract someone worthy of you. I don't think you should waste your energy on him, because karma will take care of it for you. Best wishes for a healthy happy future.


Re: Love Spells - Opinions, Advice, and More...

Post by bogwillow »

Thanks for your reply, Blackcat. Yes, I'm doing fine physically, thanks again. I still maintain he's not a slime ball though -- for the sake of brevity, I left a few things out, like the fact that us getting together right now, because of my own situation, would cause serious consequences for a number of people. When I'm honest with myself (I'm feeling a little saner today), I know he did the wisest thing for both of us, under the circumstances. And as I said, the more I think about it, he must have assumed I knew he had a girlfriend. Turns out everyone else knew, so it was probably a safe assumption, if a wrong one. I try not to gossip much, so I get left out of the loop sometimes. ;)

My point though was that many people have natural gifts, such as oodles of charm. They might not always consciously be charming you, but it would also be unavoidable sometimes to do a bit of deliberate charming (ie, with intent), when they're attracted to someone. I mean, we all do it. And of course, it is manipulation. I was manipulated, but you can bet I also dropped a few pounds and bought some new clothes, and was as charming, witty, fun, understanding, and profound as I could manage. You almost can't help it (well, I can't) when you're smitten. So my question is, would doing a love charm really be that different?

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Re: need some advice

Post by charmedcountrypearl »

Here's my story. I wasn't looking for love and had just got out of a bad relationship. Some friends of mine that were staying with me had invited a guy over and we hit it off and fell in love very quickly. He's broke it off a few times because he's never loved someone so much and is afraid of love and his pride will not allow him to love me. He's admitted to it. He tells me he loves me but he doesn't know what to do about his pride. He has a rough background I'm sure you ladies can understand and know what I mean. We can't stay away from each other and we keep running into each other through passing on the road or in town. Just random things. He wants to be with me he even asked me to marry him but his pride keeps getting in the way of his happiness. Ive tried love spells to open him up to receiving love and open his eyes. Is there something I'm not doing right? Or am I doing the wrong spell? He needs to let go of his pride I don't want to bind him to me or take over his will and I realize that this is what love spells do so I've done my best to cast spells that won't take his will. Help me please!

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Re: Love Spells - Opinions, Advice, and More...

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I'm very new here and in need of help to my love come back.and to make the other women go away far far away, I try to do a bans, spell but it it work yet, it was the water one where you wite there name on paper and flush it way!really could use help.

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Re: Love Spells - Opinions, Advice, and More...

Post by brythonicwitch »

The only love spell I have ever performed was a self-love spell, which I cast on myself.

As for the kind of love spells being discussed here, I think the ethics are questionable. Manipulative or not, surely it cannot feel real (for both parties) if the spell 'works' and draws the person to you. Love is a specific kind of magick that we know nothing of, and I truly believe real love is outside our influence. I personally would not be able to deal with the idea that the person was only in love with me because of a spell.
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Re: Love Spells - Opinions, Advice, and More...

Post by Aniu »

I agree with everyone here. Love isn't something you can mess with, and now I'm speaking from experience. Yes, like all pre-teen witches I have tried them. They've either not worked, made me maddly in love and blind to the real situation, or chased the person away from me completely. I've learned my lesson. You can't make a person fall in love with you. You can love yourself more, but that's about it. My friend was a person that pushed the limits with love spells. She had "Gray" love spells meaning that they kinda messed with free will but the other person had to have some feelings to begin with. Needless to say, all of her relationships were horrible. Just about all the guys were obsessive towards her. Some were even way overprotective. Even when she "broke" the spell, one guy was still trailing her.

There was only love spell that I DID like tho. I liked it not because it made the other person fall in love with you, but because if they did like you they would keep talking to you and if they didn't they would magically stop talking to you. It was like you confessed you liked them without saying anything. IDK, out of all the love spells I think that was the only OK one. But I've even stopped doing that.

The last love spell I did...made me so...just...obsessive. I didn't see him in like literally 3 months. However I was still maddly in love. He was all I think about, all I cared about, all I could see myself loving. When I finally realized how crazy I was acting, I broke the spell. It was probably the most intense spell I ever casted in my life. I wish I could've used that energy for something productive...
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Re: Love Spells - Opinions, Advice, and More...

Post by SaitoSybil »

Hey all, I came to ask...

I recently tried a love spell from this website called "Simple Love spell" involving some flower petels.
Well I used some pink flower petels, I checked bak on the letter weeks later and saw a black stain on it leadin from the inside so I opened the letter and saw the flower petels black and molded.

Could that mean anything bad?

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Re: Love Spells - Opinions, Advice, and More...

Post by Arwena23 »

I once put together what I would call a love spell to protect my lover while he was away, while it was more of a protection spell, I still consider it a love spell because it was my love that empowered it. While I don't believe in interfering with a persons free will, who is to say that the spell I cast didn't cause him to make a different decision that he would not have made otherwise (he was building bridges so, maybe crawling a beam instead of walking, or double checking his harness for example) after reading some posts and asking some questions I am sill on the fence about weather enhancing someones feelings that are already existing, or helping them have mental clarity, is imposing on free will. I lean more towards the idea that it is still their own decision, they just had a little help in knowing what they wanted.

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waterglyph wrote:
** Remember that learning to love yourself is the best way to bring love into your life.

I haven't got all the way thru the thread yet but I may :)

Try this: Each night before you go to sleep look in a mirror at your reflection
and tell yourself you are beautiful. After awhile you will notice small changes in your
reflections, others will too. That's the best love spell of all, making yourself beautiful
and no one will be able to resist at least stopping and talking to you-the rest is up to
you !
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Re: Love Spells - Opinions, Advice, and More...

Post by AutumnGirl »

I agree that if you do a love spell on a specific person, you may be eliminating both the other person's and your ability to be free when a really great person for you (and a really great person for him/her) comes along.

And trust me, I really do know what it feels like, that incredible pain of a person you love not loving you. And that feeling that "there's no one else like him/her in the world." But IMO, if it really is "meant to be," you wouldn't need magic to make it happen. Sounds cliche and simplistic but it's true.

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