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Questions and posts about love spells.
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Re: Love Spells - Opinions, Advice, and More...

Post by Sage50 »

What spell do I use to get my wife to come back to me after she has had a bad affair with another man that has turn her against all relationships. She has no trust for me or any man and i want her back. I have tried other women and it just isn't right for me I want my wife. So with that being said what is the spell for that? Keep in mind i am green.
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Re: Love Spells - Opinions, Advice, and More...

Post by evening-light »

Is there any easy spells for knowing more of the person you like? I don't really want to force anyone to like me but i just want to know more about them. If there is a spell i can use will there be any side effects?


Re: Love Spells - Opinions, Advice, and More...

Post by Nephthys »

I've never cast a love spell before. Although I'm not Wiccan, I do believe that causing a specific person to love you is both dangerous and stupid - what happens if Mr Charismatic whom you must have at all costs turns out to be Ted Bundy under all that charm - not so easy to get rid of.

My question is about visual aides in love spells. I came across the Zac Efron love spell on the site and thought it was hilarious, it gave me a good laugh but it got me to thinking, is it possible or even right to use an image of an actual person in a love spell.

Example: You're a huge fan of Brad Pitt, wouldn't mind your own Brad Pitt lookalike. In a love spell, could you use an image of a celebrity (either male or female) to represent the looks of the person you would like to attract to you? Would the Universe recognise it as such and send to you, or help you discover some one who looks like Brad Pitt?

(Note: Not a Brad Pitt looks-lover but I thought he would be the most recognisable example - I'm more of a Gerard Butler, Jason Momoa girl myself.)


Re: Love Spells - Opinions, Advice, and More...

Post by devotee »

EmeraldGreenForests wrote:i did a love spell recently loveface and was wondering how long they usualy take to activate or start working. i also used one to enter his dreams, will those interfere with each other? :?:
I'm new to all this and was wondering if anyone has had success with love spells of any form. I was told that the spells won't interfere with each other because they have a similar purpose.

I'm very hopeful but don't know what to expect being a newbie! any comments and success stories would be great!


Re: Love Spells - Opinions, Advice, and More...

Post by tanu »

hey name is Tanushree,
can u guys tell me how can v make a Mojo bag for love spell???

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Re: Love Spells - Opinions, Advice, and More...

Post by virgogirl »

You may never effect the will of another but you may effect the energy in which surrounds them


Re: Love Spells - Opinions, Advice, and More...

Post by hannahrox1234 »

I am not for nor against love spells. It just depends on the situation.


Re: Love Spells - Opinions, Advice, and More...

Post by Artemis77 »

Can someone talk about karma and break up spells? I know that break up spells are black magic, and I understand why they should not be done, but I am in a strange situation and honestly starting to contemplate doing one. Basically, I have realized that one of the most important people in my life (a lover who became a good friend after our love relationship ended) has been completely using me the whole time, and I think it was at least partially because he wanted to use me to get with his new lover. I feel utterly used and betrayed, and he believes he has done nothing wrong.

I have tried spells to let go, and to learn forgiveness. So far they aren't working. I admit I would love to see him and his new partner break up, and I know that's wrong. Barring that, would it be OK to craft a spell that simply turns the negative energy he has sent to me right back on him? I do believe he enjoys watching me suffer, but honestly I think most of the things he has done have just been because he is clueless.


Re: Love Spells - Opinions, Advice, and More...

Post by calumsnakepit »

i know theres a slight taboo on trying to force love using spells, but i'm dating someone for a while now, want to be officially boyfriend/girlfriend, so i want to cast a love spell, wasnt too sure to do it untill i realised her birthday is on the next full moon, is there really such thing as coincidence, any opinions?

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Re: Love Spells - Opinions, Advice, and More...

Post by Greek_Male_Witch »

Love is a like a different kind of magic, its like a Goddess, she chooses when to strike on someone and she cannot be manipulated. I don't mean to say she's a Goddess, rather I say love is a force that acts as one, so spells cannot touch her, force her, or anything. Any love spell is just an illusion you create toward another person. This illusion lasts as long as the spell does, and when it's over the illusion breaks and the person doesn't want you anymore, but real love is forever, so next time you will think "He/she is my other half. I want him/her back", if you are meant to be together, you will. End of story. ;)
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Re: Love Spells - Opinions, Advice, and More...

Post by melinda »

Okay, I haven't managed to read the entire thing -lots of pages, I'm not even half way through, but I decided to answer anyway, I've noticed that lots of people are against love spell, and all about kharmic debts and I figured someone might want to hear the other side of things.
I'm not against love spells, I've never used one, never seen the point, but I've cast some. With friends of mine or...for friends of mine.
I'm of the opinion that as long as the spell isn't too forceful or intrusive, I really can't see the difference between that and another sneaky way to make someone love you. I think making someone who doesn't seen interested look at you in a new like by changing him instead of changing yourself with make up or by downright pretending to be a person you're not is probably sounder.
I'm not talking here about the really hardcore crap here, but if two people are single and interested in a relationship, using a spell to make someone you fancy see you in a new light is just a way to make him attracted enough to want to get to know you without perjuring yourself.

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Re: Love Spells - Opinions, Advice, and More...

Post by Ebonmare »

I don't have any problem with other people doing these things. If they want to mess up their life, I feel it is not our position to stop them from it, as we are but spectators to their game of life, and not players. We have our own lives we can worry about.
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Re: Love Spells - Opinions, Advice, and More...

Post by The Judge »

I simply advise against it, people will do as they feel they must.
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Re: Love Spells - Opinions, Advice, and More...

Post by LadySibella »

The Judge wrote:I simply advise against it, people will do as they feel they must.
This thread is definitely very interesting! Moreover, that was a very good idea Starwitch because I agree this was a need.
I agree with you The Judge, people will do as they see fit, their journey is in their hands....but like you I would advise against love spells [unless they are just the kind you cast to guide you to "The One"...because it doesn't hurt; even if I personally believe that 2 hearts that are meant to be together will find each other without a spell]
Now I will say like others have, and again what I personally feel...It would not interest me at all that someone so called "loves" me, because of a spell...That kind of love would be worthless to me. I believe that you can't "buy" love and neither can you "force or command" love. The beauty, the real "spell", the real Magick of Love is that it is bestowed freely! And that is what gives Love so much value and that is what is so gratifying to be loved, truly loved, for who we are....

If someone you fancy doesn't return the feelings then one must swallow their pride and desires (a man or a woman is not a pawn, a thing, a candy bar, after all...) and accept the facts and realize that outer there even if it doesn't seem to be so at the moment....there is Someone, waiting for you, someone whose soul desire will be to truly love you and cherish you without being forced into it...If you would only be patient and wait for the appointed time....What a pity to miss that kind of love, don't you think?

Now for those who have lost what they thought was the love of their life...I know it is painful, I've been there too....I thought my whole world was ending right then… I understand that in that state of mind one can think and desire to find a spell that would make the other come back…because I felt it too!

But, after I swallowed the pain and the humiliation that I felt, I opened my eyes and realized that if he had left me like that, that meant he was not “The One” and I had lost nothing! He was not even worth my tears and my misery. I admitted to myself that I had made the wrong choice to start with and that it was actually a blessing from the Goddess that this man had left my life; because now, I was free, free to meet “The One”…
And I did, not right away but 3 years after that. You see, there is an appointed time…and in the mid-time we are “prepared”, helped to grow to the maturity we need to be for “The One”. Then, we find true love and it is such bliss, then the Magick begins!

I hope I have not hurt anyone’s feelings for that is not my intent. But I hope that at least some of what I said will be of help.

Blessed be :)
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Re: Love Spells - Opinions, Advice, and More...

Post by Blackpearl »

LadySibella, your words came just in time personally. Thank you for what you said. It eases that kind of "lost love" pain. Blessed Be

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