Spell to Draw Someone to You

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Spell to Draw Someone to You

Post by guenevere »

A couple of years ago, my aunty fell in love with this guy. They hit it off but then he went funny, and she was at a loss as to why. One night, when she was feeling particularly heart broken, she asked me to do a spell for her. I never liked this guy and got an all together dark vibe off him, but these were the guys that my aunty liked bigeyed-confused Anyway, I told her it would be much better if she did the spell as i wouldnt put any of my energy or want into it.
I got her to sit in a circle of candles and concentrate on what it is she wanted, and then remove one of the candles to the east to create an opening, and imagine a crow flying through the opening (she told me that she often dreamt of him being a crow :shock: ) and onto her arm.
A few weeks later she bumped into the guy and hastily rang me. He had told her she shouldn't play with magic, that it was dangerous.
All I could say to her was "Cool".

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Post by 5moons »

Sweet. But freaking cool once you get a call saying something works.

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Post by Starwitch »

Wonder how he knew?

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Post by darkestlight* »

That is totally weird, at least you know the spell worked! that's good....

Kentu The Runecaster
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Post by Kentu The Runecaster »

thats really creepy I wanna know how this guy knew she was working with magic



Post by guenevere »

this guy was completely creepy, i didnt like him at all, and I would feel uncomfortable whenever he was around. I guess he was just one of those knowing and powerful guys, but not in a good way. I'm glad they didnt get together.

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Post by Tigerlily* »

Wow,that is creepy!!!!I do wonder how he knew as well!!!




Post by WereLu »

well your aunt could have told him that she had you do that spell because she was so happy they bumped into each other. ^^


Aubrey Rose5
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Post by Aubrey Rose5 »

wow thats wierd what if he was like watching her do the spell like a stalker i know its bad but it can happen
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Post by sheherazade »

there's no way he could know unless someone told him.
..is there? :shock:

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Post by willow_witch »

maybe he was into the arts? then he would have known if i spell was cast on him and could have defleted it easily. that or maybe he just guess? but i'd say he had some magical input

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Post by moonlit »

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