Is my Ex under a love spell or curse?

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Is my Ex under a love spell or curse?

Post by RoxyMama »

Please don’t think I am crazy but, I think that my ex husband may be under some sort of spell/curse or brainwashed. I would appreciate any advice that anyone can give to me.

It is a long story but, I will try to explain the major details.
I was married for 12 plus years and have 2 children. We had a good marriage not perfect but, admired by our friends and family. My ex was a loyal, honest and a family oriented man who would give the shirt off of his back to anyone. 3 ½ years ago, he shocked all of us when he told me that he was leaving me. He had been having an affair with a woman at work. This was completely out of his character.

There were several attempts at reconciliations but, he kept going back to her. It is hard to describe but, his actions were bizarre. The only thing I knew to do was to I love him and let him go.

The most difficult part to understand is the fact that, He left everyone; me, our kids, his life long friends and his parents. He does not see his children or provide financial or emotional support to them.

Although I did not understand why he did this, I had no choice but to accept and move on. But then, last June, my son was ill and hospitalized. He showed up after not seeing us for a year and a half. He had claimed to have broken up with her and asked to be given another chance and come back to us. I was very cautious and wanted for him to rebuild his relationship with his kids. He appeared very sorry and sincere. After 6 weeks of taking it slow, in an instant he backed out and went back to her. They work in the same building and it is impossible to ensure that they will not have contact. The last time I had seen him, I knew something had taken over him; he was like a robot with no emotions.

After talking to friends and neighbors, it was brought to my awareness that he may have been cursed or brainwashed. I am not racists but, the other woman is Mexican and other Mexican woman have told me about a magic that woman in their culture perform to take men away from their families.

I know he is not blameless and a very weak man but, I am dealing with something VERY powerful.

More recently, he has again contacted me, claiming he misses us. For the last week, he has been communicating with me through IM and begging me to see him. Now, today, He will not respond to me at all. He is gone again and I am angry and hurt.

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Hi RoxyMama!

From what you describe it does sound like he is being manipulated or influenced. Have you talked to him about why he feels he's being pushed/pulled in these opposing directions? It seems to me that he might be as confused about things as you are.

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Post by RoxyMama »

I rarely talk to him. When, it appears that he is either in an argument with her or is feeling guilty, he then contacts me. He seems sincere.

I have not had the opportunity to really talk to him with the knowledge that he may be under a curse. I feel like if he has been cursed, I can approach him differently next time I see him face to face.

Even if it is not a formal spell, she controls him and his environment by being the only contact (he lives and works with her). It seems similiar to a brainwash in that, he seems convinced that all of us are bad and don't love him. She is the only one that cares about him and he will die without her.

I am certain that she is jealous and knows that he loves me and if he were to just visit his kids he would have contact with me.

I don't want him to come back to ME. I just want to reverse her spell and help him to rebuild a relationship with his kids.

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