Is This Love Spell Ethical?

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Is This Love Spell Ethical?

Post by Teresa-xo »

hi. im not usually one for "love spells" but a few years ago i cast one to just bring in loving vibes, and to invite new love into my life. i "got out there" and met my (now ex) boyfriend ice skating and we were in love for 3 years, but things happen and now we've broke up. of course i dont think he liked me BECAUSE of the spell, but I do think "the divine" helped us be in the right place at the right time, if that makes sense....

anyway my question is: now i've met a guy who i like, and he likes me too - i think. thats the general vibe i get, but to be honest, even though we talk a lot we haven't really met for long (we are at the same uni, different majors). we're "friends" just now but i was thinking about writing a spell, about being open and ready for new love interests... is it wrong in this situation to think of a specific person? i know generally people say it IS, free will and all that, but since im not specifically trying to make him love me... is it okay rather just giving out nice thoughts to this person?

thanks - sorry i kinda dragged that out a bit :P


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Post by Twisted_Pixie »

This is how i personally see the whole free will thing....

If ur intentionally trying to mess with a persons free will, as long as ur prepared for the consequence of karma (i dont believe in the three fold law, i believe in balance)...if ur prepared to deal with the repercussions, then i say go for it...

If you are doing this spell with him in mind, it may be classed as messing with his free will, but if u leave him out of it, not even thinking about him when u do the spell, i dont see that as a problem, since ur casting the spell on urself and not him. But make sure u make it abundantly clear in ur spell that you dont want to mess with anyones free will... just to cover ur butt hehehe

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Post by [Guardian Wolf] »

Consult a Voodoo practitioner for a love Gris-Gris. Wait, I am a Voodoo practitioner!

Attract Love Gris-Gris
In a blue bag, fill with juniper, daminana, high john (if male), Queen Elizabeth root (if female).

Make the pouch (bag) out of a piece of scrap cloth or felt, and tie the ends up.

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Post by Greymalkin »

And this my opinion:

Life is too short and too miserable to worry about all that.

Do what you've got to do to get happiness.

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Post by One Walker »

If you don't have a romantic interest in this guy and want to cast a spell for general Love to come to you as you did a few years ago I don't see a problem.

One Walker. :D
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We have seen what Power costs.

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Post by Stephanie Mae »

I'm not for casting a spell that benefits my own person while acting against the free will of someone else. I have done this for the benefit of someone else, and short term everything was great for them, but long term things did not work out. Love spells do work when orchestrated correctly, but they do have consequences. My mother was in love with love spells and she has had a pretty sad love life.

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Post by needguidence »

just leave love spells alone alot of spells can hurt people and that not just love spells. trust me i know.
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