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Spell for Lover to Email You

Post by greekbabyyy »

Hey all!

Could someone recommend me a spell for my lover to email me within 5 days?
You may PM me if you need further details.

Thanks a bunch!

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Post by Imiko »

Okay, you can't mess with people's free will, and if you want to message them so bad, why don't you message them yourself? Just let what happens happen, no need to rush things.

P.S. This isn't in the right section.
Blessed Be,

Ursa Major

Post by Ursa Major »

This is sort of a hard one to gauge.

You have to look at it this way:

Has this person emailed you before? Do they know your email address still?

How often is this person online, would there be better ways to establish contact, ect.

After going over that, if you'd still like to pursue willing this person to email you, then here is my suggestion:

Think of this person heavily. Think about yourself and this person together... some memory you share.

The first step is to put your vibe out there so that this person might pick it up and start thinking of you as well.

They may contact you, but it may not be via email. I'm guessing any medium would work, right?

Sometimes you just gotta take what you can get ;)

And if they don't contact you... you could always take it from there.

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