I want to thank you...

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The Mystic Pilgrim
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I want to thank you...

Post by The Mystic Pilgrim »

Most of you know I've been going through a very rough time right now, with the breakup of my longtime partiner, Andrew, and I. There were times over the last week that I didn't think I would survive the sadness, but many of your were extremely kind to me and did your best to help me see that I wasn't alone, whether it be a tarot reading or just some kind words. I can't explain to you how much it helped, and I thank you all with every fiber of my being.

I'm starting to see now that I'm going to survive and I'm going to be ok, eventually. There will still days that I will be overwhelmed by waves of sadness and loss, but each day will get better and less painful.

In anycase, Thank you...

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Post by Sobek »

Just make sure you look after yourself.

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Post by Eretik »

As Sobek says.Thinking of you and wishing you well.

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Post by ATraveller »

Although I don't know you much, then Im very glad to hear that things seem to be getting better.

All my best,


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Post by Kolohe »

It's okay to be sad. but you'll never really be alone. Good that you know it takes time and someday you can look back and smile that you had some love and fun too, but I'm sorry you're sad now.

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Post by jcrowfoot »

Heartbreak is always a rough ride. It is good that you came here, because the worst thing one can do when burned like that is to hole up for months (or years..I've seen it) and not talk to a soul. Even digitally it can really help to see that other people have survived this sort of thing, and do things that are completely unrelated to your pain. I'm glad you shared your pain with us.

Shaman of Bliss
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yay communal pain, lol. but wise words Jcrowfoot

I'm happy everyone could help you, you know what they say, "Theres more fish in the sea", "It's always darkest before the dawn", "if it wasn't meant to be, it wasn't meant to be."

Divinity has a funny way of working, perhaps some pain is necessary for true happiness.

Glad to see your okay,

-Shaman of Bliss.

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