Going away for a bit

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Going away for a bit

Post by Sercee »

Merry Meet all,

I'm taking a hiatus from this forum (and pretty much all my net stuff) for a while. I haven't been posting much lately and I'm just getting all around busy irl. So, Welcome to everyone who joins while I'm gone, Luck and Love to everyone that's here!

I'll be back!

Blessed Be and May You Never Thirst

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Post by Revolpathon »

*wave's sercee goodbey*

see you in the near future hopefully

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Post by Sobek »

Sercee wrote:I'll be back!
for your sake you'd better be *shows shiny blade*...

have fun.

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Post by Eretik »

Yeh,noticed you've not been around much.Missing you already. Remember us.We'll be waiting. Ooh err........... that sounds stalkerish.....hope you know what I mean. Don't be gone too long.

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Post by Elem »

So long Sercee, see you around again soon :).


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Post by kai »

Hope to Cya back soon :)

Blessed Be...

and Have Fun :) .

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Post by Blazewind »

Bye for now then. I'll see you when you return.

The only truely stupid question is the one that no one had the nerve to ask.

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Post by jcrowfoot »

We'll miss you, Sercee. Good luck on that IRL stuff!

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Post by [cherokeewind] »

We've enjoyed your posts Sercee...glad to se you'll be back. Of course I took a long break this summer. Nothing wrong with that. :D

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