Process to meet The One

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Process to meet The One

Post by Obsidian »

I'm sure some of you are rolling your eyes at that heading. :D

I've decided to begin a magical process to help me meet my life partner. I'm at a point in my life where I know what I have to offer the world and to my partner, and what I want in return. I know what qualities are important to me in a healthy and fulfilling relationship and I am ready to welcome this person into my life. I think I now have enough knowledge and experience with magic to seriously attempt this process.

Before I send my wish into the universe, I want to go through a process of meditating and focusing my intention so that I can send my message loud and clear. I'm thinking of doing a simple meditation where I concentrate on the important qualities I'm looking for but I'd be interested to hear how some of you might prepare for something like this. For example, does anyone recommend a detox of some kind? A bed time ritual?

This can take weeks or months. I'm not in a hurry. I want to make sure that I am mentally and emotionally prepared before I do this and that I ask for the right thing. I don't want a 'be careful what you wish for' scenario.

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Re: Process to meet The One

Post by birublackzoey »

Hi Obsidian,

I have only had one long term relationship in my life, my current one which is about 8 years ongoing. There was 1 short term one (1.5 years) which ended in depression, mostly because I had tuned and was absorbed into his own depression, while trying to help him.

While that was a dark time in my life, I am still thankful because it did put me on the trajectory I am on. I left him with what little strength I had left, started university and was single throughout the duration of my studies which was 4 years.

As you mentioned that you are not in a time crunch, I would say that this allows you plenty of time to align.

I would say align, because those 4 years was how long it took for me to make some further discoveries, synchronicities and place trust in the Universe. I suppose due to my own Ego, cynicism and skepticism was the most stubborn aspects of myself, but once I was able to control and isolate them, I can honestly say that the path was made clear to me, and that I was invited to align and join that path - it required a single leap of faith.

During that time, I then came to understand that the universal alignment was more important that any intention or request that I was sending out 3 or 4 years prior. Once aligned, I understand that the Universe will bring me where I need to be, show me what I needed to see, and meet who I needed to meet. As such, I was in complete trust with the Universe, and everything changed. It was like my whole life opened up, to opportunities that I did not even dream was within my reach.

It was only in my 5th year of alignment that I met my current life partner. I might also like to add that since meeting and knowing him, we both have united and grown further. Some of the qualities which I found attractive in him have even been shed to give away to other redeeming qualities which we now both share. I believe this is the effect of our spiritual union. Over the years, we also had to work through his own histories and trauma, and bring us up together to a higher vibration. That was a painful and testing time for us, but we made it through the other side, stronger, more sane, more tuned to each other's needs and also to that of the people around us.

I suppose what I am trying to communicate is that the qualities you seek might detract you from finding the one who has the potential to grow with you - and over everything I have encountered and experienced, this is the underlying message: Change.

As a person, you will definitely Change over time, with good guidance and intention, hopefully into a stronger, grounded human being. And the same applies to your partner. The one true quality is whether the person you seek will be able to change with you over time, and together as a unit, manifest the potential that you both hold.

To this, it will suddenly look very vague, and indeed it is. Especially if you have been thinking in term of set qualities or even criteria, but this is also where Trust is needed to know that the Universe will deliver the right person, not one that is perfect for you right now, but one that will be a spirit and life partner. I believe, the more eye-rolling term to use at this point, is soul-mate.

What is most important is to focus on your own alignment, resolve your own blockages (mental, life aspects, family, present relationships), surrender completely and actually, stop waiting for a while. When least expected and at the suitable time, through no major action on your part, the Universe will deliver this individual to you. And when that happens, remember also that that is just the start of the journey with them.

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