Going backwards in stead of forward

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Going backwards in stead of forward

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This has been bothering me for a while- nostalgia for 80's kids like myself has gotten way out of control. It seems on internet some people can't let go of the decade of 1980's.

It was in your face as cartoon entertainment, and yes, cartoons started at 6:00am on saturdays back in the 80s. I will be blunt - cartoons were still young consumer brainwashing. And I was on a nostalgia message board that proved my point. I didn't really know how bad it was till after being on that message board and looking at others for awhile. It was quite sad and still is.

People are so sad and trapped in a bubble wanting to remain a child forever. And it's with 80's movies and games ... I roll my eyes on those too. My childhood was not the easiest in the 80's. When I see at Walmart reissuing Ghostbusters toys and everything else from that era.

I Ask myself what has happened to us? Some let nostalgia rule their lives with comic conventions & dressing up any chance some people can get. Is this world so bad that some want to run from the world? and run from themselves as I see it. Where's the progress? and hope? that we all believed that was the future?

This is not what I thought the future was to be - with youtube livestreams complaining about comics & cartoons that have been recycled & everything little thing that attempts to break their bubble. They throw a temper tantrum and post it on youtube, twitter facebook etc.

At times I miss the 80's but that was then. What I feel is some of these people are afraid of being adults. They duck responsibility for fantasy. Life is hard but not as hard as over hundred years ago. We have become too spoiled for some... Welcome to 2020 where everybody wants to live in the past...Walking backwards and in fear of walking forward.

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