YanaKhan's witches rune readings.

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Re: YanaKhan's witches rune readings.

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I would start this reading from the Crossroads. This rune means making a major decision, being stuck and afraid to move on. One may feel inclined to change their goals or to stop seeking something all together, but the Crossroads do not tell you to give up. They tell you to change your strategy, because the path you are at right now is blocked.

Next to the left, there is the Moon. This rune means secrets, hidden things, lack of information. It can represent long lasting changes, emotional instability and even self sabotage.

To the right, you have the Romance. This rune represents a strong bond of a kind, but given the rings next to it, it represents marriage, soul mate, two people joining for reasons they can't quite explain.

Next to it, you have the Rings. This rune represents the connection of two elements, to create something new. It means you are no longer alone, so when in trouble or you just need help, ask for it. It doesn't necessarily represent love binding. It may mean strong family ties, a close friendship or group of people you feel connected to.

Down, next to the Moon you have the Scythe. This is a rune that tells you you need to cut something or someone from your life. A sudden change or a very final decision. It comes to show you need to get rid of something in your life before it becomes worse.

Next up you have the Flight. This rune means movement, communication or travel. It may also represent a change of plans, especially if you receive information that may change your mind. This rune also represents letting go of the past, feeling free from it.

Right next to the Flight, you have the Harvest. Now, this is a very positive, optimistic rune that comes to say after all your hard work, you'll get what you deserve. This is a rune that tells you every work, every investment in yourself pays off in the end. But it's not a rune of luck - you need to work hard for your goals. The most positive aspect of the rune tells you you are on the right path, but you mustn't rely on past victories and do always "what works". You need to develop.

I hope this makes sense. As I didn't do the reading and I think this is not how the runes originally landed, the reading may not be very accurate. Still, I hope this helps.
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Re: YanaKhan's witches rune readings.

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I just pulled the runes appart like you did in the picture. The romance was a bit more to the right and the crossroads were higher than the bottom runes but not as high as the top runes

My interpretation is very similar to yours except I started from the Flight -

Yes there are a lot of changes coming up and decisions will have to be made.

Blue Moon

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