Bad Habit Breaking

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Bad Habit Breaking

Post by frostarei »

I know this is nasty and I'm ashamed to admit it but I've chewed my nails since I was five. I would really like to stop this year and I think I could. The problem I keep running into is went I'm unfocused and doing something like watching a movie or whatever, I'm like halfway through the nails on one hand before I've realized I've bitten them.

I really want to stop but it's so reflexive. I've tried the anti nail bite polish but I dont use it because the flavor rubs off into food I eat or prepare and full on consumption of it does not do the stomach any favors. I'm wondering if maybe there is some sort of habit breaking spellwork or maybe something for better self-awareness. I'm not a hundred percent sure what might help in this situation. This would be like the tenth time I've tried to quit. My other bad habit is energy drinks. I know how terrible they are and my dependence on them is out of control. I feel like if I can find a way to break even one bad habit it may empower me and make me feel strong enough to break more. Does anyone have any advice or ideas?

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Re: Bad Habit Breaking

Post by barker »

Sounds like worry. My goal is always to treat the underlying emotions, but, clear the mind first!

If you can imagine a picture of yourself biting your nails and use violet flame to burn it up, that works.

For worry itself:
- experience that soul feeling for 5 mins at a time
- you don't have to get "overwhelmed" just because you are feeling "overwhelm"

That is what i would do.

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Re: Bad Habit Breaking

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Just pick up new habits to replace the old ones.
Wooden toothpicks on the table and switch to iced coffee. Do a mediation or a spell to set your intentions and break the habits.

At the end of the day, you just have to ask yourself if you have control of yourself or not
Love and Blessings

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