Sensing someone else gaining energy

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Sensing someone else gaining energy

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Is it possible to tell when someone is drawing energy?

I was in a pool in an inn, and I saw a lady floating in the water with her eyes closed, she did that for a full 20 minutes, and then she got up and left.

I'm not quite sure if she was drawing energy from the water, like if that was her element, but I felt something, and I knew it was her

I believe I am an empathe, but I'm not sure if that relates to sensing the drawing of energy, or if this is a normal thing people sense, any help?

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Re: Sensing someone else gaining energy

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An empath or a sensitive, which is not the same thing, can feel energy being draw from the environment. A sensitive sees and feels energy exchanges and sees auras. An empath feels a persons emotional state and sometimes their intentions. It is possible to be both.

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