Suggestions on methods?

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Suggestions on methods?

Post by GregoryLionborn »

Hey again! So I've got a bit of a question regarding healing through energy and spirit. It's pretty vague, ultimately, but I feel like I've got a pretty solid connection to the nature of nurturing. I've always felt good when I can help, heal, or protect - which also makes sense, given my strong tie to the water element.

My thing is this; I have no idea where I would begin to even start, let alone start looking. I know there's a myriad of different approaches and ways that different people would suggest or say is the best, or at least a 'right start'.

I don't really have anything specific I'm looking for, but I like the idea of using my own desire to help and energy for the sake of healing work.

Are there any guides or approaches/techniques that you fine folks would recommend or favor personally?
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Re: suggestions on methods?

Post by SpiritTalker »

It matters if your work will be done hands-on with the recipient present or absentee & over distance. I have worked with Therapeutic Touch (a hands on approach). The healer can transfer energy to "where it hurts" for something like a broken bone, or to the recipient's aura and let them naturally assimilate and apply the energies as they feel best. This gets them involved and participating in their own healing. They visualize where it will go. Using their aura as intermediary would also apply to emotional and soul healing. Energy passed to wads of cotton can be mailed to absent clients to apply where it's needed.

Hands-on does not mean actually touching the client. I know of Pow Wow healers who clear their clients aura by passing one hand in counter-clockwise spiraling sweeps, from head to shoulder with one set of prayers; then shoulder to toe to ground the dragged off sooty energies with another set of prayers, doing everything in threes. They don't visualize or transfer energy because the Power isn't theirs to give. They are a conduit serving as hands for the spirit & just know it is done.

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Re: Suggestions on methods?

Post by EveningWithAstaroth »


Firstly I would like to say, there are a myriad ways to perform energy healings.
You can perform them with another present, and it is also possible to work with others from a distance.

Also I wanted to let you know, that there is no best one, and there is no best way. The intent is to heal another, so for me personally I do not view it as best way, or best technique. The techniques and methods are simply different, all are capable of producing positive results.

Examples of hands on energy work are- hands on energy transfer methods, Reiki, massage therapy, self massage, for self healing work, self reiki. transferring energy to self. Etc. This is quite possibly not a full list.

Examples of non hands on, distance energy work are- The client lets you know their pain where in the body- you visualize their pain as a small shape- you can also do this with negativities, angers, fears etc... You visualize the small shape shrinking smaller, and smaller, smaller, smaller, essentially as small as you can visualize it, and then you visualize it leaving the individuals aura body, or passing out of their aura body. That is only one example of long distance healing work. There are countless other examples.

My personal method with energy work is often not used in physical healings of the body, meaning with my own work I do not aim to heal the body, I aim to help heal the mind, clear the individual of emotions which drain them. The energy work I practice involves the psychology or mind of the patient more often than the physical side.

The way I work with energy is first I read it for the client, patient (enter your own term here). Meaning I psychically attempt to read the aura body of the individual, I call it simply energy readings, and do not worry- I always have the individuals permission as I offer these readings on a forum designated for such readings. I always have permission, because it is required, or that is to say I offer the readings, and if someone states they want one I will give them one. I never ever charge for any of these, and I never had, I offer them for free to help others, and develop and practice my own abilities.

So essentially I offer the energy readings, and attempt to read the aura, I explain what I am seeing and feeling to the client/ patient, different things could be seen or felt, I have had things such as emotions come up, being able to feel if another is depressed, I have been able to see and feel if a person is more prone to wearing a particular color of clothing or taking a like to that color, I have been able to see and feel if the person is interested in a certain stone or gem, and correctly determine a frequently worn stone- the exact one ie, if quartz, or if ruby. I have been able to see and feel of an individual having an upcoming lunch/brunch time scheduled for the next day. I have seen and felt hobbies etc. The most recent I was able to see and feel that another individual gave the client a two month sell period of their house. I actually did not see or sense the other individual involved, only that the feeling of waiting two months for something or expecting news in two months had come up for me, when I let the client know this came up for me they elaborated that an individual had given them a two month estimate on selling.

Therefore the way I heal is helping others when tough emotions come up for them, sometimes giving advice when it is asked for, and mostly being someone just for another to talk to, and to be there to listen, and help talk others through their current emotions, and struggles.

So there are different ways of energy work, for physical healing, healing of emotions, mind, and spirit.

The best way- although I do hold there is no particular best way or method- will be something you find meaning in doing, something that calls to you that you enjoy doing. Something that is able to both heal others, and also yourself.

My advice would be to find a way that interests you that you take meaning from if this truly something you wish to try.

In the area of helping healing others, I feel it is best that do what we enjoy, for if we do it, and do not take any meaning away, and simply do it as a chore, or feel we have to, we will not be in a place suited to be of help to others, as we would then be in a place where we are experiencing feelings of lack, or non enjoyment ourselves.

So my main advice is do it because you really want to, and go slow, read on different techniques on working with energy, and take your time with making a decision. Remain open simply to learning of different ways and methods for now. And be patient with yourself as you learn.

There is no need to decide right now which way or method you work with, get to know the ways first. There is also no reason you couldn't combine some methods if you find more than one way speaks to you.

Most of all good luck, and blessings. I hope you find the information you are looking for.

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