Pacific West fire storms

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Pacific West fire storms

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Will prayers even help? Requesting fire suppression, a heavy-heavy fog bank would help, torrential rain would be a problem with mud flow.

So most of this years fire started with dry lighting back at our crazy heat wave at the end of August. That was in California. Our fire threat was increased by the wonderful rain that grew lots of underbrush. Throw in hundreds of thousands of dead and damaged trees, due to drought and the bark beetle. Then throw in some wind, several arsonists and a gender reveal bomb and you have events that are contributing even more to climate change.

lighting strikes from satellite

crazy footage of a couple drops by 747

the Creek fire caused pyroclastic lightning

It's been hard to breath, some days are worse than others, some towns are worse than others but the apocalyptical orange haze it pretty unnerving. The fires in Oregon and Washington are atypical for the region.
To be continued... (so much to do so little time :annoyed: )

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