My favorite prayer

Many pagans and witches use prayer as a form of worship and for requesting help from deities. Share and discuss prayers here.
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My favorite prayer

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O mighty goddess! In one and the same; maiden, mother, crone, I worship you with the greatest reverence and submit to your holy and worthy protection in the deepest confidence.
I believe, with the utmost faith, that you are my creator, my benefactor, my support and my master, and I declare to you that I have no other desire but to belong to you in all eternity. So mote it be.

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Re: My favorite prayer

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Very nice!

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Re: My favorite prayer

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Re: My favorite prayer

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Sometimes the Gods and Goddesses are served best by those who ask for the least.

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Re: My favorite prayer

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This one she likes :). I have talked to her, deep confidence is... way to go.

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